Monday, December 28, 2009

Llyr Galatyn!

^ King of the Fairies.

From Master of the Moon by Angela Knight.

Fairies are like, tiny and cute.

But Llyr is nothing like that.

Not when he "roared in fury" when Diana was attacked.

Not when he roared again, "The next man who touches her dies!"

That has got to be my favourite scene.

No, wait.

Possibly what makes him WIN is that, in his grandmother's words "(He'd) give up (his) crown for a handful of years with a rapidly aging mortal."

Llyr is immortal FYI.

Now scream with me.


After finishing this book, I dug out Master of the Dragons, and re-read (because I read this serie in the wrong order) those Llyr & Diana moments.

Wow really.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aristotle Levakis.

The hero in this blog title is from Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by Abby Green.

Page 98: I do need you.
^ He thought that out. And I'm like whoa!

Page 122: 'I'm going insane for you, Lucy.'

Page 134: 'Where I go, you go.'
^ You don't have to ask. (Ok he's not asking, he's just stating it, and it's SEXY!)

Page 181: '... when I found myself driving to your flat and sitting outside like a stalker...'
^ I actually do like a bit of stalker-ish characteristic in my romance heroes.

I love this book.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This week...

Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by Abby Green arrived. ♥

A package from Abby Green arrived too. It's part of her Christmas giveaway at her website. ♥☺ ♥☺ ♥☺ ♥☺ ♥

Still slowly devouring Master of the Moon (Llyr!) by Angela Knight.

Discovered a Brava anthology Undone coming soon in April 2010. Susan Johnson!

Made a fool of myself somewhere.

I think I'll read Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress on the Christmas weekend...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Master of MY Night.

I finished reading Master of the Night by Angela Knight.

OMG Reece! Reece! REEEEEECE! (Llyr!)

I mentioned before that I read this serie in the wrong order. I don't recommend doing that, because it's kinda confusing if you're trying to follow the background story.

I've never doubted that Master of the Night is going to rock my world as usual with the other Mageverse books, but what suprised me is the hotness of Llyr.

I met Llyr already in Master of the Dragons (since I didn't read the serie in order), and there he already has his happy ending. I can't remember him being that hot.

Back to Reece.

I love it when he is helping Erin control her new powers.

I love how he calms her, how his soothing presence in her mind saves her from insanity (and from the possibility of wiping out Mageverse I should add). So sweet. ♥

And I also love that Reece founded a company to take care of his decendents. What a family man. ♥

I still think back to the time when I randomly picked Hot Blooded off the bookself in a bookshop and just bought it without much consideration because I was sooo bored at the time.

Till now I'm still darn about that day.

I'm reading Master of the Moon now. (Llyr!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

OMG Iddesleigh.

Talking about The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Simon Iddesleigh. Uncle Sigh to his niece because the Nanny says all ladies sigh over him.

I love how he proposes to Lucy. It's so desperate. He's so desperate. For Lucy.

I love how he asked (begged?) lucy to swear not to leave him.

He cries!

Though I'm not a fan of kissing when one is very bloody.

I admire how Lucy ignores all these bloody business and how she loves Iddesleigh.

And this book is dark.

You know, most heroes, when they knew they're bringing danger to their loves, they would simply leave them. Pronto. Stupid I say. I hate it when heroes leave the heroine for this reason. It makes the next few pages/chapters really boring. I prefer reading about them together all the damn time.

But Iddesleigh didn't leave Lucy. He kept her. ♥♥

IloveitIloveitIloveitIloveitArghIloveit. ♥♥♥♥

Friday, December 11, 2009

Temple is lucky.

Done reading Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle.

I thought that when Temple finally accepts Diana, it's like, he had it too easy. Diana is too nice.

But then if you've been waiting for a man for like... forever, I suppose if he says yes to you, you'd just hold on to him and never, ever, effing let go.

♥ Temple & Diana ♥

Monday, December 7, 2009

Call me Goddess, and I'd wait for you.

And the above only applies to the Marquis of Templeton.

Oh, I love reading.

Am talking about Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle.

No I'm not finished with the book, but I want to rant.

I can't wrap my mind around why I like Temple so damn much. I'm not into heroes who pushes the heroine away, and that the heroine has to do all the work.

But I suppose Temple is kinda different.

I think if Diana really is getting married to someone else (before all this bride for Napolee thingy hooha), Temple will do something about it. Or find some excuse to do something about it.

Temple! What's his name?

Oh oh- the part when he was holding his father's book of poems, and it just soothes him without having to read it? That was how I feel, holding a favourite romance novel in my hands.

And afterwards when Temple was telling Diana about his parents? Sweet.

The part where we get to read about how young Diana and Temple met, made me think of Wicked by Jill Barnett. I miss Sophia and Sir Tobin de Clare.

I love reading.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I ordered, what I'm reading, and...

... some stuff.

I ordered Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress. Go order at the Book Depository because you get free shipping. Go now.

The coming weekend is booked for reading the above mentioned. I just hope it arrives in time. If not, it'd be the next next weekend.

Just saw the cover for Abby Green's March 2010 book, The Virgin's Secret. The heroine looks asian.

OH yesterday I went to a used-book shop. At the Harlequin section, I dug out all the Abby Green books (3 copies of Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded) and placed them on top of other books.

I also noticed that that used-book shop carries quite a number of really, really, really ancient (I think) Harlequin books.

Any ancient Harlequin books to recommend?


I'm currently reading Temple & Diana's story (Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle).

I'm not looking forward to reading about getting in cross-fires and being chased by the French, but the ton Elton Diana Temple is so interesting! Must-read-on.

Plus, he's crazy and I want to slap him. Many times.

I don't know if I have the Diana's patience. Wait 10 years (and maybe more) for a man? She's lucky she's living in a romance novel.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something About Emmaline.

Finished Something About Emmaline yesterday. Love that book.

Maybe **spoilers** below.

I suppose Sedgwick continues to call Emmaline, Emmaline? I had hoped he calls her Button instead. It sounds cute.

I'm so glad I had the effing mood to continue reading this book for the past two days. Argh I love it.

I want to read Templeton's next! I don't know what to make of him. He seems kinda weird.

Have I mentioned that I love reader's guide? Like this on Elizabeth Boyle's website? Questions that make readers think? It's like taking Literature exam.

You know, I wanted to punch Emmaline when she didn't encourage Miss Mabberly to say to hell with the wedding.

When Sedgwick decides to marry Emmaline for real? ☺

I love butlers. And servants. What will historical romances be like without their meddling?

Thank you Elizabeth Boyle.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


  • When is Deep Kiss of Winter gonna be in paperback? Because the only author whose hardcover I'm ever willing to buy is David Edding's. And I'm not considering other authors anytime soon. Not even for (yes I'm certified CRAzY) an alpha male of my very own.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Kouros Marriage Revenge.

  • Favourite part of The Kouros Marriage Revenge is.. *spoilers?* When Alexandros went on his knees and whiped out the RING. The RING. *End spoilers?* I'm easy, I know. ♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What was I thinking?

  • I take that back. Thank you for allowing me to escape.
  • Totally grateful to any time I have for reading.
  • Totally grateful that I can read.
  • Totally grateful that romance novels exist.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Reading = Hours. Whatever.

  • To me, you can't just spare an hour a day to read. I need...10 hours straight for it. Maybe 7-8 hours to read and then the remaining hours thinking about it. Or maybe more.
  • But currently that's all I have. An hour, actually half an hour or so a day, for reading.
  • I tried reading Something about Emmaline by Elizabeth Boyle in those hour / half-hours. Nope not working. The story seems cute from the start, it's meant to be read in one shot. Hell most books are.
  • Damn reading for being such a time consuming thingy.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

for the love of pete.

  • Cute.
  • Really. That part where Dante asked Zoey where she goes on a date, and then when Zoey goes on on how you can figure a guy out if you go on a date with him at the museum. Seriously cute.
  • And it's hot. ♥

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reaching the end of October '09...

  • Slow reading month for me.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love logging on to Google Reader and learning about the romance reading world? It's so dramatic.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I want to do the Top 16 thing too.

In short, a number of blogs are naming their top 16 romances as a tribute to Kathleen Winsor, as suggested by Maili and Jessica. I don't know them, but I want to join in, and say thank you. ☺

My top 16 (in no particular order) that I can think of now:
  • Out of Control by Shannon Mckenna. I love Davy. LOVE him. And his brothers. And friends.
  • Wish You Were Here by Christie Ridgway. I love it that the hero is temporary blind for the good long part of the book. Love is blind. Heheh.
  • Pleasures of the Night by Sylvia Day. Aidan just totally adores Lyssa. I want to be the recipient of that adoration.
  • Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi. And every other book by her.
  • High Stakes by Erin McCarthy. This is my absolute fav in her vampire series. I like how Ethan is fascinated by Alexis. And damn it's funny.
  • Teaming Up by Abby Gaines. I still have a lot of her backlist I've not read.
I know I know, I'm doing it wrong, it's like my top 16 authors, instead of 16 titles, but...

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Leopard Prince *Double Thumbs Up*

  • I read The Leopard Prince last weekend accompanied by the flu and sore throat. Lots-of-non-stop-coughing stopped by and stayed too.
  • I tell myself I'm not doing a book justice if I read it when I'm sick. But-
  • The point of this post is to say, I wasn't in my best reading mood, and yet I still continued reading The Leopard Prince, and still enjoyed it a whole damn lot. Thank you Elizabeth Hoyt. You're gooood.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire - Read :)

  • In super brief, the hero rejected and humiliated the heroine ten years ago, and a tense ten years have past, so now they get their happy ending with each other. I'm not exactly a big fan of these types of story lines (people who parted years ago on a bad note, now coming together etc). I personally prefer to read every other type. But I still have to read Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire because 1) it's by Abby Green, 2) it stars the uber alpha brother of Sorcha (heroine from Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure). His little appearance in that book just rocks my world. ☺
  • Type of story aside, I still love the ending to hell ♥. Lots of talking and clarification involved, so that I wasn't left hanging thinking 'hey what about that part where (blah-blah-blah), shouldn't you apologise for that too?'. Satisfaction is always guaranteed for me when reaching the end of an Abby Green book, no matter the theme.
  • I sorta wished to see more of Sorcha and Romain (from Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure), but then from reading Abby Green's previous books, secondary characters aren't everywhere. Whenever they're mentioned, they probably last less than a page. That's another reason why I love her books. Everything, every page is always about the main couple. You just learn so darn much about them. Secondary romances are probably more suitable to be in books with 400 pages, so yeah this is not a new discovery I know.
  • Now, I do not have much Abby Green backlist left to read. So Ms Green, please write faster. ☺

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress!

I just saw the cover for Abby Green's up-coming Dec 2009 book: Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress.

Copied from Abby Green's website:

Three Weeks in the Boss’s Bed!

Lucy Proctor watches the women who come and go in Aristotle Levakis’ life. She has no desire to join them, despite Ari’s devastating good-looks, and is perfectly content as his assistant – or so she tries to convince herself!

Ari shouldn’t find his prim and plump secretary attractive, but something about her calls to him. He knows there is only one way to overcome this desire – and that is to sate it...

Read an Excerpt

Happyhappyhappydance ♥♥

I'm going to start on Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire after I switch off this computer. ☺

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Raven Prince - Part 2 - Finished!

  • Whywhywhy do I have to read this book on a weekday?
  • Ending is kinda abrupt for me. I want more. The next book?
  • The Raven Prince is actually my second historical read for this year. Gosh, what happen between me and historicals? I love them so much when I first discovered romance novels. But then I prefer medievals. Hard to find really goods ones though... Jill Barnett destroyed all other medieval romances for me.
  • Back to the book: Poor, poor Edward when *spoiler?* Anna left him (albeit temporary). Though I like how Iddesleigh came to "rescue" him from his self-pity, I do wish Edward gets to wallow in self-pity longer. I love reading about his thoughts of him & Anna ♥. But it's just me.
  • Thank you bloggers in Romancelandia for mentioning/reviewing The Raven Prince until I took enough notice of it to try it for no good enough reason. Thank you too, to my own randomness in choosing books. Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire, you are next. And no my dear, it's never random with you.☺

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Raven Prince - Part 1

  • I LOVE Anna and Edward, LOVE them. LOVE their "arguments". And yes, they're pretty flaming in bed :)
  • Favorite part so far? I have too many favorite parts. I love it the most when Edward and Anna are together. When they first met (how the book started), their moments with the dog, when Edward got rose bushes for Anna, when Edward agrees to go the soiree because of Anna, when Edward blah-blah-blah for Anna... every part with the two of them together. Really ♥. I thought the book was going downhill for me when Edward first goes to London (*gasp* alone! Are they gonna be separated for the rest of the story?). But luckily Anna caught up pretty quick. And my enjoyment had been all the way up there so far.
  • I enjoyed the many times when Edward says *maybe spoiler?* that they (he and Anna) are getting married. I love it when he (kinda) works for it, keeps mentioning it, and Anna kept saying no. I think it's cute☺.
  • Edward ♥. The earl, not the glittering vampire.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ABBY GREEN - The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain.

  • I finished reading The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain, and *sigh*. I so love the making up at the end. The conversations. The hero's/heroine's apology/grovelling speech just awes me. It' so elaborate. You know, like it completely explains everything, why they felt this way, why this, why that, when, how, blah... wow. It's not just "I'm sorry, pls forgive me, I love you, marry me." It's oh-so-much MORE. The character just completely opens up. Wow really. Really wow. Makes me feel very satisfied. Very.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hard As Nails rant, and some blahs.

  • Hard As Nails - Yay finished the book. Love every conversation. It just makes you want to read on and on and on. The wit can just go on and on and on... and Cole's story is my fav. I fell in love with it since the word "sledgehammer".
  • Not that I've read a lot of younger men with older women stories (and not that I'm always looking for those kinds), but there are just some authors who just can write and make you enjoy those themes/whatever that you don't really care about.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Current read, new book, old books..

  • Tasting Fear arrived. *Checks calender for a good weekend to read it. *
  • I've got a number of favourite books with pages getting... old. Brown. Yellowish. Spots breaking out (whatever you call them). I've thought about selling them and then buying new ones again online.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Previous read, current read, and blahs.

  • I loove Mary McBride's Baby, Baby, Baby. I can't stop thinking about the arctic white part. That was when I knew for SURE I was going to enjoy the rest of the book.
  • I ordered Tasting Fear (oh yeah baybeh) and can't WAIT for it to arrive.
  • Currently reading HelenKay Dimon's Hard As Nails. It's about time. I'm still at the beginning, stopping at where Cole's "lower half took charge". ☺ Why I stopped? Because it's just too good for me to continue reading on stressful weekdays. This weekend is so reserved for this. Dammit. I hate stopping. Shouldn't even have started it yesterday. Argh.
  • Bye August 2009. I wish for more relaxing times in Sept for reading.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Friday's Point Form.

  • Sometimes I wish, how I feel about a book will be magically put in words whenever I click on "New Post" for this blog.
  • Sandra Hyatt's Having the Billionaire's Baby - an almost perfect-for-me book. Definitely interested to try her next book.
  • Perfect-for-me books: Abby Green's.
  • Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I'm not finding enough pretty book covers that I really like to fill up my Book Covers Bar.
  • I love typing in point forms. So easy.
  • Next book to read? Maybe Abby Gaines.
  • Favourite book read in July? Abby Green - Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride. Love. The. Ending.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure.

Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure, by Abby Green! Love!When I was reading the first page of Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure, all I can think about it that I couldn't WAIT to get to the end. Sorry for the repetition, but I really love Abby Green's endings, and everything that leads to it. ♥

*Spoilers* What's so great about this ending? The running! Love it when Sorcha runs after Romain who is driving away after she sort of rejected him. Not only that, I love the revelation later Romain had meant to go back and make Sorcha see that she love him. Hee! Love it. *End Spoilers*

And thus, *repetition warning* I really want to read another Abby Green book. I hope she writes fast. Really fast.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Red-Hot and Royal and oh yeah!

I started August with Red-Hot and Royal.


There're three couples in it, and my fav prince? Zain. Aww, Zain is soo sweet, he just can't get enough of Lauren. No auspicious date for wedding? Well, FIND one! ☺ Love the whole book. It's so modern and fairytale-ish.

Have I mentioned that I have all of Susanna Carr's books?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Snow-Kissed Bride.

The Snow-Kissed Bride by Linda GoodnightJust finished Linda Goodnight's The Snow-Kissed Bride. I really liked how John thinks. Especially when Melody was brushing dirt from her bottom. ☺

I definitely love how John and Melody gradually fall in love with each other. (Sigh.) Totally enjoyed this book. It's one of those small doses of extreme emotional type of read for me. ♥

I'm so glad Harlequin offered one of her books for free for their 60th anniversary. If not, I don't know how long would it take for me to discover her, if I ever was meant to.

It's really hard to find authors that write just the right things that you like.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

His Irish Bride.

His Irish Bride... from Abby Green :)

Yup, this is the other book direct from Abby Green. Of course it's autographed:


And again of course, I read her story first. And just finished it! Yeah! And now I have no book by her in my TBR! OMG!

Her story is titled The Brazilian Billionaire's Bride.

Favourite part? *Spoiler* When Caleb got back Maggie's old Mini. And those tin cans tied to the bumper on strings. And that huge sign. Awwww. *End Spoiler*

My usual Rant: I love the story, every page is so emotionally charged, the ending never fails to make me cry, and I'm totally satisfied when I reached the end. I don't need to read more of the story. It's VERY satisfying. I just need more, like in the form of another story. Oh I love it when Caleb said "I love you" (when don't I?) *re-reads that part*. Wow. I love reading romance so much.

You know, I'm getting really interested in Dublin. Where's that place again?

Monday, July 20, 2009

This Monday.

  • I actually forgot that I have read an unfinished book which I started on yesterday. Totally forgot I have a half-read book. Totally.
  • Abby Green. This coming weekend is reserved for reading her book.
  • Am pissed at who a certain author thanked when she won an award.
  • Smart Bitches giving away romancy bags! Highlight of Monday. Really. Though many other nice authors give stuff away too.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just read Ruthless Bedded, Forcibly Wedded.

Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded - AUTOGRAPHED!

Gawd I love Abby Green's ending speeches. Or grovelling speeches, making-up speeches whatever you call them. They're so looong, never draggy, and just so damn satisfying. The stories just ties up very, very well at the end. For me. It didn't make me frustrated that I needed more from the characters, the stories.

Eh, I do need more, another book like this please. ☺

Oh see above photo? Envy me.

* Some sort of spoilers *

You know when it comes to reading romance, I never really liked it when the heroes think to love is to let go. I'm like, oh com'on go chase after the girl already, stop trying to be a saint or what, the girl loves it if you chase her. But in Abby Green's books, like this Ruthless Bedded, Forcibly Wedded, which I just finished, it just feels so right to let the heroine go and have her come back to him. The little short scene when Cara finds Vincenzo in his room? Wow. Bloodshot eyes? I wish all heroes have that.

* End some sort of spoilers *

Gawd I love everything about this book, every moment is so emotional. Right from page one. That's why when I start I couldn't put it down, and even after I finish, it will be stuck in my mind.

Love it.


I have another autographed book by Abby Green, and I'll only reveal it the next time I read it heheh.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

If you like a book...

... email that author and let him/her know. ☺

For me, I do not have this habit at all. When I love a book to hell, maybe I blog about it or rant it to my friends.

But I'm working on it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love at first sight.

Sigh.Have I mentioned before that Abby Green's stories are so my type of books? Really can't say how much I love them.

In Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride, it's like I can feel what Xavier and Jane are feeling. The writing really make me seem to be able to feel those moments, their emotions. They may hide their feelings from each other, but definitely not from me. I feel that I know too much sometimes :p Really, it was an emotional ride for me, from the moment they bump into each other. And the ending is just wow (too). They didn't just made up just by saying "I love you." That conversation at the end (and prior to the end), just makes my tear flow non-stop... ho boy.

Love it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Teaming Up.

Teaming Up by Abby Gaines!Really, I couldn't decide which Abby Green book to try next, so I read something from Abby Gaines instead. NASCAR!

Not a big fan, but I do like cars and speed. Teaming Up may have a NASCAR theme, but it didn't overshadow the romance in the book. Not one bit. I don't even have to be crazy about NASCAR to love this.

My first NASCAR is The Natural, also by Abby Gaines, and it's still free on Books on Board. The hero Danny is mentioned in Teaming Up (I smile when I read his name heehee). The stories are not connected, but they're still in the same world.

The Natural left quite an impression on me, so I was expecting quite alot from Teaming Up. Luckily it definitely didn't disappoint. About two-thirds into the story, I realized that the physical appearance of the heroine (sexy long legs, curvy body etc.) wasn't mentioned much. Maybe once or twice, or three times only. To Wade, it's never about Kim's boobs (maybe only at the beginning), it's all about her brains (heh). I absolutely love reading their interaction. Love the fact that they didn't deny and keep lying to themselves. Well, not much. Towards za ending? I cried of course. Awww Wade, the tatoo thing is just too cute.

I'm glad I'm been reading great stories lately. Stories that are just what I want to read.

And I just hate thinking about which book I should try next.

Monday, June 22, 2009

This is it.

The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail BargainI just finished my second Abby Green Harlequin, and bingo. I conclude that she writes just what I love to read. I am sooo lucky.

* Maybe spoilers. *

I totally love Dante's grovelling speech at the end. (Mandorallen suddenly comes to mind, I think I just miss him.) I like Alicia's little speech too when she decided to end their "relationship". I mean wow, the heart wants what the heart wants. It gets to me.

Sigh. The whole story is just emotional. For me, it's like smaller dose of those extreme emotional reads (ala Christie Ridgway / Pamela Morsi for me). I can take small emotional doses anytime. But I stay away from extreme ones (for now).

I also love it that there's a "Three and a half years later" thing. I have a thing for epilogues indicating how many babies they had (two right?). Ooh right when I reach the end, I was immediately thinking about which book of hers should I read next. Sigh.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress.

The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress by Abby GreenI love it!


You know, I love it when heroes grovel and BEG the heroine to forgive/marry/love him at the end. Basically, I really love reading about the man doing all the work. But in this book, at the end the heroine went on her knees and asked the hero to marry him (complete with wedding band), and I love it! I LOVE the whole scene! Before and after I love it all! *Sniff.*

It wasn't like Alana was trying to be macho or be the man in the relationship or what, it's just emotional. I thought it's really brave of her to do that, after the usual misunderstanding that happens in romances. She didn't just say a simple "I'm sorry", instead she asked Pascal to please marry her. I just love that scene. The whole chapter. Love it.

Gawd I need more of these pregnant books.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Me.

This arrived in my mail the past Monday:
Dirty Sexy Knitting!

Now I have three of them:
* Malibu & Ewe *

When to read them? Maybe end of this year? I would have to take a week off work to indulge in them. But a whole month would be more ideal though. What kind of job (and what kind of boss) lets you take a month off work just to read books? (Hello?)

And here's a Christie Ridgway link for the sake of linking. Love her books.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trish & Cole.

The couple above are not from a romance novel but from a video game inFamous which I'm currently addicted to.

I love the game so damn much, but as a girl, a romance novel reader, and that fact that this is a romance blog, I'm will only rant about the romantic parts (as much as I can squeeze any out) of the game (an effing great game btw). ☺

* BIG spoilers * ahead if you didn't play the game.

Playing inFamous, knowing that the main character Cole has a woman in his life makes me happy.

But you see, in a typical video game / comic book / movie world, there's always a big chance that the hero has to choose between sacrifice (rescuing civilians) or being selfish (rescuing their lady love). And hell, it happened (no surprise) when I was playing inFamous. But no matter what, Trish (Cole's girlfriend!) dies (omfgsrsly?), and I HATE IT!

That's probably why I absolutely love reading romances novel. HEA guaranteed.

And the game does kinda got slightly (maybe a teeny bity) less interesting for me once Trish dies.


I need my romance novel.

There's a mission titled "Anything For Trish". Sounds romantic isn't it. I did not expect any kissing at the end of this little mission (nor do I expect any throughout the game) but hey! No hug? That's just Bad. That was a near death experience and there's not even a hug (oh com'on) after surviving it. Fail really.

And after Trish died (*sniff), there's a part when after a mission, a new day starts, and Cole starts the day waking up beside Trish's grave. Awww, he spent the night on the ground next to her grave. Awww (*sniff).

Love you Cole! Love your voice too!

Did I mention that it's an effing great game?

And omg what an ending *Spoiler warning again!*:

Love the wedding photo. ☺

Give me inFamous 2 now. Please.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bride's Baby.

Just read Liz Fielding's The Bride's Baby, love the ending, cried when McFarlane (hey I like his last name more) tells Sylvie about his past, cried when he left, cried when he discover he's the father of the baby, and oh I do love it when he roars (only once but oh yeah). Heheh I love roaring men.

The Bride's Baby is available free for download at eHarlequin here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love knights.

I totally can't remember the last time I read a medieval romance. I just remember the best ever medieval romance I've ever read (huh, not that I've read alot) is Jill Barnett's Wicked. And Wild. And Wonderful.

'A Knight's Vow' AnthologyAnyway, just popped out here to say that I just read a novella 'The Seige' by Glynnis Campbell, from the anthology A Knight's Vow, and I love it. Too short for me though, but I enjoyed it from page one.

In brief, it's about a knight digging his way underground to a castle keep to claim his wife, while this to-be wife is trying to escape from that marriage via a tunnel, and they met halfway due to some ceiling falling down on them and so on and so forth. Oh I just love those moments when Ryance and Hilaire are trapped, I thought there's just so much feelings shown, so wow. I love just knights you know. Though this one didn't exactly joust or what. But I've got a hit!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


With Spoilers!

When Kiss of a Demon King arrived in my mail box the past friday, I cannot contain my joooy.

Actually I had a problem with this purchase, but I try not to blog about it, UNLESS IT'S NOT RESOLVED.

Anyway and duh, I dug into the book immediately of course.

But before I crap about my read, let us enjoy the beautiful lettering on the cover:

Kiss of a Demon King cover.

Gorgeous isn't it! You can never tell by the flat cover image floating around the web. Just have to get the real thing in this case. Lets take another book shall we?

Kiss of a Demon King cover. Again.

Really love the lettering! Beautiful! Like Rydstrom's eyes. I was so waiting for it to turn into obsidian black, but no matter how I turn it to reflect the light, I never get it. Design fail. Hurmph.

Cutest part in the book (I dig cute so this is mentioned first), is when Rydstrom tells us about kid Cadeon. When little Cadeon's horns are molting (does it mean shedding or something?), it itches, and thus he kept running them against the walls, causing three-foot-high gouges along halls. And Rydstrom (and his older brother who was around then) did not want the walls repaired. All together now, awwwwwww. ☺

Funniest part? Nïx. Duh. The scene with her witch friends are reeally funny. A couple of drunk witches trying to high-five each other but missed. AHAHAHHAH. Oh and when three male Inferi are bathing Rydstrom. GAHAHA I love Sabine already.

What else I love about Sabine? For making Rydstrom who he is. For making him roarr. When Sabine needed to to get to her sister Lanthe asap, and tricked Rydstrom with her illusion? Omg how he roars her name when he discovered she's missing. And then him giving up Sabine is just plain. Heart. Breaking. But it only lasts all of ten minutes.

And when Sabine was practially dying? OMG. OMFG. Rydstrom roaring again, shaking the room and perhaps the entire house. Be still my heart.

I really wanted a demon. Ever since reading about Cadeon.

Ah the horny (heh) stuff. I can't remember reading about Cadeon wanting to rub his horns all over Holly (gotta read Dark Desires After Dusk again), but I certain do LOVE the idea of Rydstrom wanting to rub his horns all over Sabine. Or me.

And Rydstrom, you can spank me ANYTIME.

And tie me up too. As long as you don't make a trek through some forest with big scary monsters lurking around.

One big disappointment. No new male demons introduced! Puck not counted. He's a kid. Though kinda cute. I want another seven-feet tall one. Please?

And where's Rök anyway? Is he really settling down? I want to read that! In DETAILS.

Gosh, with the next story being Murdoch's (Vampire) and Daniela (Valkyrie), I somehow doubt we'd see some demon action in there (but I hope to hear about Sebastian again yay!). So really, how long till I get to see any demon action? I want some Rök (or Grimslade. Of course I remember my demons). More please. The Kresley Cole kind.

Thank you.

P.S: Hey I asked nicely.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Apologies by Tracy Wolff.

No Apologies by Tracy Wolff
  • I just finished reading Tracy Wolff's No Apologies.
  • Love the cover, it's what attracted me in the first place.
  • Love the story, it's hot, with I-love-yous.
  • Gabe is hot! Love the restaurant scene. And the restroom scene too.
  • It's a Spice Briefs, which means I can finish it in less than an hour.
  • Excerpt. Buy here. Or here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mageverse goodness.

I bought Angela Knight's Master of the Moon yesterday, so now my Mageverge collection looks like this:

My Mageverse.

I only lack Galahad's story. *sob* It's from the anthology Bite.

This is the order of the series:
1. Hot Blooded
2. Master of the Night
3. Master of the Moon
4. Master of Wolves
5. Over the Moon
6. Master of Swords
7. Master of Dragons

But I read it in this order:
1. Hot Blooded
7. Master of Dragons
5. Over the Moon
4. Master of Wolves
6. Master of Swords

2. Master of the Night
3. Master of the Moon

Totally messed up. Forward, backward, backward, forward.

Anyway, Angela Knight stated on her blog here that she's working on the next Mageverge novel, Master of Fire. So, yippee! *Throws confetti*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No need to save the world here.

During the time when I was thinking up and working on a new design for this blog, I was reading Hell On Wheels by Karen Kelley. Now Karen Kelley is the author whom I go to when I'm not in the mood to read another romance novel that involves saving the world from the clutches of evil do-ers. Yes, just a plain, funny & sexy book. Gimme.

No surprise, I totally enjoyed Hell On Wheels. Favourite parts? Josh Pierce, the hero, kept talking (and thinking) about how Cody (za heroine) smells, for like a million times. I smile whenever I read those parts, and it does not feel repetitive. And the wedding! It's really hilarious. Josh and Cody are together most of the time in this book, and for this alone I can give a romance novel high marks. It's a big deal for me how much of a book do we have the hero and heroine interacting. At least 95% please? ☺

I can't wait to read How to Seduce A Texan, by Karen Kelley too. Go read the really funny excerpt.

Hell On Wheels. How to Seduce A Texan.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wolf At The Door.

PhotobucketI just finished reading Christine Warren's Wolf At The Door. Christine Warren is one of those authors whom I get to know because I see her mentioned everywhere on the blogs when her book One Bite With A Stranger was released. I got interested, and so choose to try one of her books.

Hmmm I love how the story started out. Irish Lupine Sullivan Quinn smells his mate Cassidy Poe and soon went on a chase for her. Ooooh it was soo hot. It's memorable enough for me that it stuck even till the end of the book. The sad thing for me is, after this chase comes the storyline (the our-kind-is-in-trouble-we-have-to-save-ourselves thingy), and it was quite some time (argh a lifetime for me) before I get to read about Quinn & Cassidy together again and all that mating stuff.

Actually, the highlight for me (other than the chase at the beginning) is De Santos. Rafael De Santos (*adds name to my list of favourite Hero names). He's a Felix werejaguar. Dark-haired, bronze-skinned, dangerous, elegant.. oh meow. He's the leader of this council, and wow I just love his air of authority. And he's married already! To a witch. That had me thinking, oh Christine Warren must have already written his story. No need to wait! So after a few clicks on the web, I found out that his story was released as an e-book "Fur For All", but it's no longer available according to the FAQ on Christine Warren's website:
Those stories were originally written as eBooks and are sadly no longer available, but they will be rereleased as expanded novels by St Martin’s press. All you need is a little patience.

"Sadly" is an understatement, and "patience" I do not have. Damn.

Will I continue reading this series? Yes. I wish they are all available in eBook though. A check at Fictionwise & Books on Board where I frequent, I only find Walk on the Wild Side available. That sucks! Well I still love holding books, but I'm also very pro-eBooks now for all the convenience and space-saving it gave me. And I'm digressing.

Back to: Will I continue reading this series? Yes. But saying is easier than doing. I said yes to J.R. Ward and Nalini Singh too after reading the first books in their respective Black Dagger Brotherhood and Psy-Changeling series (both in November last year), but I have yet got my hands on the second books. Too many distractions. Just look at my Google Reader.

But Rafael Da Santos, I'd read your story next, if it's available now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazon Rank.

Amazon Rank.

I woke up this morning with 200+ unread blog posts with most of them talking about Amazon Rank.

I really love the romance-reading community.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recent Reads.

Speed Dating by Nancy WarrenWhen I downloaded all 16 free Harlequin books (a 60th Anniversary thingy), it's no question that I will read Nancy Warren's Speed Dating first.

** I thought Dylan Hargreave is really slow in the head when Kendall told him that she loves him. **

Baby Bonanza by Maureen ChildThe next book is Maureen Child's Baby Bonanza, because it's summary got me interested. It involves twin babies, and oh I love reading about heroes melting when being around babies. I don't care much about the cover though. Thank you summary. Simple short read. Great for me.

A Very Special Delivery by Linda GoodnightNext up is A Very Special Delivery by Linda Goodnight. Oooh I really enjoyed that book. Especially the hero, Ethan Hunter. He fights for the relationship and gosh I lost count how many times he got turned down by the heroine, but he never gives up. I so love that in a hero. Whenever Molly (the heroine) says "no" to any of his invitations/dates/blah, whatever Ethan says in reply to the "no" always makes the awkward situation.. less awkward.

Ethan and Molly reminds me alot of the main characters in LaVyrle Spencer's Forsaking All Others, which btw, I loved, and got me digging into Ms Spencer's backlist, which is hard, as most of them are out-of-print, which means trips to many second-hand bookstores and libraries, which can get very frustrating (actually I've not been successful), but I digress.

Wait, I want to digress more. I have to add that second-hand bookstore are gems. And I also think that ALL OUT-OF-PRINT BOOKS SHOULD BE RE-RELEASED AS EBOOKS. NO STORY SHOULD BE DEAD. I don't care. I borrowed Forsaking All Others from the library, but for something I really like, I would love to buy it, let the author earn something out of it. Is anyone reading this?

Back to my reads, I love Ethan. And yea there's a baby in it.
60th Anniversary Harlequin

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Contest! By HelenKay Dimon, Alison Kent, & Jill Shalvis.

The point I love to see on contests by authors:

*International entries are accepted.

A chance is better than no chance.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just realised her website is updated. FI-NA-LLY.


Tasting Fear. An anthology? That means, three Shannon Mckenna Heroes? THREE? THREE all at once? In July? THREE SHANNON MCKENNA HEROES? OMG. Give me.

Go preorder at Amazon or somewhere.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sarah McCarty. Cynthia Eden. Short.

Don't you just hate thinking of blog post titles?

Saw this at RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk, and HAVE to post it:

Wild Instinct

Wild Instinct by Sarah McCarty. Think the release date is pushed back to Dec 2009. Boooo. Running Wild (a related book) is so HAWT, HAWT, & HAWT, I need more of those heroes, like now. I also hope that Sarah McCarty's website could be more updated..

Hotter After MidnightI've also finished I'm Your Santa, and now I'm reading Cynthia Eden's Hotter After Midnight. Just got to chapter three, and I'm really liking what I've read so far. Or what I've read about Colin Gyth. I want to mate with him already. I love the way he sees Emily, makes me wish I was her *SiGH*.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me Reading, Book Covers, and Misc.

I was preparing to blog, but I was sidetracked by my Google Reader, and found this:

A Great Kisser!
From Donna Kauffman's blog here. Wow. Just have to post it first. I love it when authors post BIG, high resolution, reeally good quality covers.

HelenKay Dimon's blog maybe undergoing redesign as of now, (till 24 March), but I can still access her old post via Google Reader. Cool rite? Glad I didn't miss her "Cover Unveiling" posts!
Holding Out For a Hero. Kissing Santa Claus
Holding Out For a Hero, and Kissing Santa Claus. Sweet.

I did start reading again. I've finished Lori Foster's and Karen Kelley's story in I'm Your Santa. Starting on Dianne Castell's today. I'm feeling reeeally great.

I'm Your Santa.

Oh just reminding myself (and showing off too):
This book is direct from Karen Kelley :)

I also missed an ARC give away of Dirty Sexy Knitting (by Christie Ridgway!) over at Riding at the Top Down. Not sure if overseas entries are allowed, but I would love to win that. Yea yea I keep having to remind myself that I have not read the first two in the series:
Christie Ridgway!

Some books I just have to save later (really later) to read. SO do NOT want the magic to end so fast.

Dirty Sexy Knitting.

Dirty Sexy Knitting is out June.

Yup, that's all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I miss reading.


Today I went into a used-bookshop, walked around the romance isle, and saw Linda Lael Miller's Wild About Harry. I borrowed that from the library in 2006. I picked that book up, and read the first few pages. Then I found out I miss reading oh-so-damn much.

The last book I've read is Elaine Fox's Beware of Doug (cute book) on 21st Feb, that's last month. During this period, I've still been keeping up with the current affairs in the romance reading world by checking my Google Reader daily. I've not read anything since, but I've still been happy doing many other things, like playing board games and video games. I've also realized (again and again) that reading had been sucking up so much of my time.

But today, just reading a 3-4 pages from Wild About Harry makes me want to stop my board gaming, video gaming, and go back asap to bury myself in romance books (not that I've given up on reading, just taking a little break!), reading about love, all those happy endings, all those sweet things the hero does, and just live my fantasy world.

Sigh. I miss reading. Really miss it.

Books, books, books.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quickie Sunday.

Oh hi, long time no post. And this time I'm distracted by board games.

I just have to post this cover big instead of on the side bar..

To Love A Princess

.. because pink! Like!

To Love A Princess by Patricia Grasso. Looks like it's out of print.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In my Mail.. Valentine's Day Wishes!

From Susanna Carr. ☺ It's a postcard:

The Postcard!

Hmm, I was confused by that white strip at the bottom. I think it's some thing used by the post office. Anyway, it's easily removed, leaves no sticky residue, so here:


^ Valentine's Day Wishes from Susanna Carr.


^ The back.

The message.

^ For anyone who wants to read it.


^ Stamps!

Stolen the below cover from Susanna Carr's website:

Woooo knee-high boots!

Absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted to have sexy knee-high boots, but everytime I think of the hot weather in my country, I have second thoughts buying it. I still crave them sometimes though. Should I get them?

The Year of Living Shamelessly is an October 2009 release. Maybe that should be my deadline to buy myself a pair of sexy knee-high boots. Maybe.

Pre-order the book at Amazon here.

Being single, I'm not big on Valentine's Day. But still I think it's no harm wishing couples out there a happy Valentine's Day. Wish you all happy-ever-afters!

Friday, February 13, 2009

In my Mail.. from Sasha White!

I love books. Argh I so love them. Especially when they have gorgeous (and sexy) covers. Love them.

Sexy Devil & My Prerogative!

This post is overdue for about.. a month ago. Sorry! I won the above two books at a giveaway at Sasha White's blog. Thank you Ms White!

More photos:

Envelope. I'm keeping it.
^ The envelope.

My Prerogative. OMG.
^ My Prerogative.

Yes, I did state that I already own the eBook version already before entering the giveaway. But holding the fabulous book in your hands is such a wondrous feeling. Go away eBook.

My road to My Prerogative:
Before this book is released, I've seen the cover around, and of course I really liked it and would love to own a copy, all because of the cover. Big cover junkie I am.

Then time passed, blah blah blah, and then one day, I was surfing the net and was hit by a serious-sudden-urge-to-buy-a-new-book-to-read. Like, asap. NOW. So I was clicking around blogs, saw that My Prerogative has been released, and after briefly scanning through 4 excerpts (they were everywhere) of the book, I immediately went to purchase it at Books on Board (here's the Fictionwise link if anyone prefers it there). And viola, got a new eBook downloaded to my pc in about 5 minutes after I got hit by the serious-sudden-urge-to-buy-a-new-book-to-read.

eBook is a very dangerous technology.

A few seconds later, I transfered the eBook to my mobile phone and cuddled up on the bed to read it. And then OMFG what a story. It became my favourite book of 2008. And my best impluse buy ever. Ever. EVAH!

My Prerogative. OMG x 2
^ The back. I like the book spine really. Red, bold text. Wow.

My Prerogative. OMG x infinity. Autographed!
^ Autographed. Wow.

It's really an awesome feeling owning the book. It's not just a great story, it's something seriously way better than great, and.. it's great! Pardon my limited vocab, even with the amount of reading I do.

I loved the way the story was told. The heroine is written in first person, and we get to know a good damn lot of how she feels. The hero is written from a third person view, it makes him.. puzzling? Mysterious? (Insert-suitable-word-of-your-choice)? It's like there're so much more to him that we don't know, won't know, reading it from a third person. This is the first time I read a book like this and it works darn well for me. I won't have it written any other way! I highly doubt I'll get the same feeling. Sundays at Tiffany's (by James Patterson) is written like that too. It so works! Love both books. I cried hard at both of them. It's the romance dude. Romance!

Moar photos:

Sexy Devil. Yum..
^ Sexy Devil. Yes I got this in the mail too.

The Back of Sexy Devil
^ Don'cha wana see more of that hunk? Primal Male is the sequel to this book.

Sexy Devil, autographed!
^ Yup. Envy Me.

And of course there's more to envy about me:

Mini bookmarks!
^ Mini bookmarks.

Mini bookmarks..
^ From top-left: Sexy Devil, Lush, Gypsy Heart, Bound
From bottom-left: Trouble, Wicked, My Prerogative.

Mini bookmarks, the back.
^ Blurbs at the back.

My first Sasha White read (and my only read before I got My Prerogative) is 'The Crib' in the anthology Pure Sex. The ending is like a major cliff hanger to me. I was pleasantly (wrong word) surprised to discover that they're going to star in another novella as main characters. YYAHHOOO! YIPPEEE! AAHHHHHH! Really? I wish for a happily-ever-after, but I'd settle for a happy-for-now ending. I wanted them to stay together. Unless there's a promise of a future story about them. Here's the hot cover for that book (an anthology):

Most Wanted. Hell Yeah.

It's out May 26th. And today is 13th Feburary. Damn.

Sexy Devil & My Prerogative ♥

A BIG thanks to Sasha White for making this post possible, and also for making me extremely happy!

Sexy Devil & My Prerogative ☺