Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nikolai won.

Refering to this post.. I wanted to try Extreme Exposure first. But still, my hands reached out for Nikolai Wroth instead.

Nikolai is from the 3rd novella in this book.♥

In brief: The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole in the anthology Playing Easy to Get (with Sherrilyn Kenyon & Jaid Black) is the first in the Immortals After Dark series. But it's the fourth for me. First is Lachlain (yum), second is Sebastian (love) , third is Bowen (lick).

The story started slow for me, until Nikolai got blooded of course. I kinda pity Nikolai when he's teased by Myst before that. Well, after the blooding what she did to him seemed cruel. But then, nothing better than to let the man sweat it out alittle (understatement i know) to get the woman he wants. I want my man to work to get me too. But then I doubt I can leave him. I'd probably throw myself at Nikolai's feet upon feeling his- umm. Then our story probably would just end there.

Yeah, I realised I don't make a good heroine for a romance novel.

That's why I'm a reader instead, eh?

And I really-really like the fact that the Valkyries will run forever to get into arms of their love. ♥ ♥

I just realised, all that Nikolai had done - and had thought of doing - in order to get Myst forever to himself, is what I've always wanted to read about. Really. Pure force (physically and mentally). Kresley Cole makes it so sexy. Some of his actions and what he had intended to do could have been unforgivable and outrageous. But to me, it's not. It's a romance novel, it will end right!


What to read next?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I can't decide..

.. which book to read first.
Yup, looking at all these books at the same time can make me very frustrated.

I ordered them online, and they all arrived today. And pity me, for I can't decide which one read first. I feel like tearing my hair off my head. And scream. Loud. It's actually very frustrating. I'm blogging when I could have just started on one of them.. about five hours ago. Time wasted. I can't decide!

I don't really want to start on one book and then keep thinking about another. It would be like having an affair. Or maybe I think too much.

I wanted to dig in to Shannon Mckenna's new novella first as I feel I'm been waiting for years for it. But how can I resist Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series? Two full novels? One novella? Cade, I feel like skipping Conrad's story and read about you first. Conrad baby, I still love you lots even if I don't know you well enough yet. You're a vampire and I have this thing for vampires. And Nikolai, no I didn't forget you.

But-but-but I'm aching to try Pamela Clare too. I read too much about this three books of hers online and I really-really-really want to satisfy my curiousity asap.

I can't decide! I don't think I can sleep tonight.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A short Hero.

In Pamela Morsi's The Love Charm, the heroine looks straight into hero's eyes. Not "look up into his eyes" but "straight into his eyes".

Yes, Armand is short. Height wise. Shorter than the heroine, Aida. But not too much I think, since Aida can look straight into Armand's eyes. I think this fascinates her, because it's mentioned a number of times. The looking-straight-into-the-eyes part.

Armand is not tall, alpha and possessive like my beloved Davy McCloud. He's not exactly the best-looking man in his community either. In Pamela Morsi's novels, physical attributes mean nothing. So I'm not bothered, even though the book keeps reminding me about the height.

It's all in the heart! The heart! Argh! *Sniff.

Armand may be the shortest hero in the romance novel history (at least among what I've read), but he's still hot in the heroine's eyes. That's what counts. ☺ There's a part where Aida was secretly checking him out. From the eyes to the thighs.. the way she views him makes him vastly appealing.

Love! ♥

"For the man I love, monsieur, I would go against God Himself."

That's my favorite line in the book. Spoken by the pretty Aida. Maybe it sounds cheesy as a line singled out, but the situation in which made Aida proclaim that is really aw shucks. Thinking about it, I getting teary again. Makes me wana slap Armand up-side-down.

But I don't have to. Near the end of the book, Aida tried to hit him in the balls (she was angry at some revelation by him). I was laughing and crying at that. Love! ♥

I love Pamela Morsi!

I only have one more book by Pamela Morsi left in my TBR. It's Garters, and I'm afraid of reading it. Because then there'd be no more old Pamela Morsi novels left in my TBR.. No, not that her new works ones aren't great, they made me cry buckets too (all Pamela Morsi's books made me cry). but I refer reading her old historial romances.

Argh, I'm getting teary yet again. I was thinking about the ending of The Love Charm, which offered a short glimpse into the future . Very heart-warming. ♥

Monday, May 12, 2008

More from yesterday.

I forgot to say that I love the picture under the cover of An Affair Before Christmas.

Inside of An Affair Before Christmas.

I'm still thinking about Charlotte and Dautry. I can be obsessed like that.

Am I disappointed that Villiers and Charlotte did not marry? Maybe a little. They had quite alot going on, I love the chapter with only the letter exchange between them. Funny! I want more, but then they're only secondary characters. I like Dautry enough to not be totally disappointed. And I hope I'm not repeating myself.

What kind of woman will Villiers get? I wish he gets his own book for his happily ever after story. If it happens, I want lots of scenes with Dautry and Charlotte around, since they're his kin. Maybe Villiers health state can alternate between as healthy as an ox and then suddenly be bed-ridden again due to some recurring infection whatever. It'd be fun to read about him dominating his heroine when he's healthy, and then to have the heroine dominate him when he's weak (heehee). I'm just raving. Blabbing. Ranting. Whichever word suits. Can't help it sometimes.

And here's the cover:

The cover of An Affair Before Christmas.

The colors aren't that bright on the actual book. But it's still pretty. I love the decoration around the letter C and the star dotting the i in Christmas.

I love secondary characters. ☺

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Need to get it all out..


I just finished An Affair Before Christmas (my first book by Eloisa James) and I couldn't stop thinking about Charlotte's story. I'm slow-yeah-whatever, even after that kiss with Dautry, I was still don't know who Charlotte will marry. It wasn't spelled out at the end of the book so I was completely lost for a while. But I found the extra chapter available at the author's website, which is all about Charlotte and Dautry. My head is cleared of confusion. Well, almost.

I always thought since Villiers and Charlotte spent significant time together (which seems kinda an emotional ride for the Charlotte), that they would end up together. Dautry appeared near the end, and the thing about him that bought me over is that fact that he's a pirate- I mean, a sailor. Captain of a ship. I love pirates- I mean, sailor. Okay, it's the word "pirate" I believed I've read somewhere being used to describe him. I had wish the bonus extra chapter would be longer, Dautry seems alpha. ♥♥♥♥

I know they're only secondary characters, but I've really enjoyed Villiers' and Charlotte's and Dautry's part in the story and so wish to get more out of it. Especially more Charlotte and Dautry time. Yes, it's a romance book, Charlotte will live happily ever after, but I need more than just kisses.

That's the thing with secondary characters. Sometimes, I like them so much and want so much out of them. And when I didn't get enough, I want to cry!

Especially since Charlotte ended up with Dautry. I didn't get enough of him!

If Charlotte ended up Villiers, I think can accept it when the book comes to an end. At least I've read good a number scenes with them in it and. But no, Pirate Dautry have to enter at the end and then kiss Charlotte and marry her. Definately not enough about this new pairing!

I'm happy for Charlotte anyway. I can always depend on romance novels giving unattractive old virgin maids a happy ending. With a pirate no less.

But still, damn. Typing it all out does lighten my frustration though. I love my blog. But I couldn't help wish-- nevermind. Maybe I should try another Eloisa James book.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Buster the Alligator.

Hurrican Hannah is a book I found in the library. Before I return it, I just thought the alligator in the book deserves a little blog post here:

It's name is Buster, and OMG it practically owns every page it's in. I didn't even care much about the hero or heroine. Nor any other human in the book. But then, if this book is solely about alligators it might not be that fun.. Okay humans. You guys get the credit too.

Ah Buster. I wish I have a pet alligator just like it. I love the way it communicates with the human race (read the book), love the way it gets what it wants (read the book), and I kinda pity it didn't really have it's own happily ever after. I mean in having a significant other. The humans ought to import a female alligator in for it.

Kinda funny, reading back how I mention the word human as if I'm not one.

Anyway, Hurrican Hannah by Sue-Civil Brown is a fun read. Worth trying. A bonus for the reader if he or she likes and understands poker. The community in the story solves very problem (including political ones) with poker. I know zilch about poker, so I get my enjoyment reading about Buster. ☺

That's Buster holding a rose on the cover.