Friday, April 25, 2008

I miss reading Nancy Warren's..

The first book I read by Nancy Warren is Drive Me Crazy, starring a sexy librarian as the heroine. Wish to be one. A sexy librarian who captures the hearts of sexy hot alpha males.

Anyway, since I enjoyed reading Drive Me Crazy, I started to look out for her other works published by Brava. So, yeah, I like her writing style. Her novella in Jingle Bell Rock, rocks. Have I mentioned before that I love that novella of hers? I really, really love it. Hell, it's the best novella I've ever read so far. I love it more than many full-length novels.

The last Nancy Warren book I've read is Turn Left at Sanity. I thought the back cover and the excerpt for it aren't really interesting at all, but it's Nancy Warren so I still got my hands on it. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed at all. Yay for wackiness.☺

Nancy Warren's upcoming book The One I Want is to be out in May, so here's the cover stolen from her website:

Brava covers are fwarking fabulous.

I totally dig this cover. Love the red. Wish I was the babe.

Read the excerpt for it here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Man Candy.

To celebrate my new blog design, I've chosen five delicious hunks to grace this post. I wanted to say "five book covers" instead of "five delicious hunks", but com'on let's admit it: it's the man that make the covers. So let's start the ball rolling with Jennifer Apodaca's Extremely Hot:

How can you deny those eyes?

I went phwoarr when I saw this cover on Amazon. Those eyes those eyes those eyes those eyes were sliently being chanted in my head over and over again. How can one resist them? He current holds the no.1 spot in my "Hottest Dude on a Book Cover" List. Ranked no.2 is Donna Kauffman's The Great Scot:

Holy Hunky Great Scot oh mama!

Yes, he used to hold the no.1 spot. I thought nothing can beat this, but guess I was wrong. And then this guy is stolen from HelenKay Dimon's blog:

Sexy Cleft.

It's the cleft on the chin. The manly cleft. Hot as hell. Someone told me that clefts and dimples are actually facial defects, but they ended up making the face look good, therefore nobody cared. Sooo, if you have a friend with pretty dimples and you are jealous of him/her, you can actually go up to him/her and say, "EEEwww! There's something wrong with the bones in your face!" Hahaha, but I digress. Back to the male-ogling.

Hot As Hell's blue cover reminds me of Charlotte Mede's Explosive. I've posted the cover before, but what the heck, it deserves to be posted again. And I just realised the hotties on both covers are looking in the same direction:

I. Love. You. Muah.

Lastly is Sylvia Day's A Passion For Him starring Nathan Kamp:

Nice pecs.

Nathan Kamp is the only romance cover model who's name I know, because I remember coming across his name on a reader's blog, and that reader is a big fan of him. I guess the name got stuck then. Based on his portfolio here, he IS hot. Nice to see him on more than one cover, but then I'd love to see fresh faces too.

Not surprisingly, all five books are Brava books, which always have the best covers out there. Great marketing. My poor piggy-bank.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All that time spent in design school...

... have not gone to waste afterall. ☺

Simple, pink, & pretty.

I love my new blog design. It's simple, it's pink, and it's pretty. And I will be forever working on adding new stuff to it.

Adios to the old look!

The old design.