Sunday, March 23, 2008

In love with the story...

Can one be in love with a story? I think I'm in love with one. Christie Ridgway's Must Love Mistletoe. Actually I'm in love with all her novels. Or maybe I should be in love with Christie Ridgway instead?

You know, usually after reading a romance, I'd say I'm in love with the hero. Oh I love Christie Ridgway's hero dearly, but always after reading her books, I feel that I'm more in love with the whole story.

Hmm... what I've just type sounds weird after I read it.

Anyway, Must Love Mistletoe made me cry at the end, which is not surprising. All the books by Christie Ridgway made me cry. I still have one more book of hers in my TBR, Not Another New Years.

I don't know if I should wait till her new book is released or just dig in to this now.

Anyway, her coming book in June has a cute title and cover:


Thank you Christie Ridgway, for writing. ☺

And here's my butt-awesome-kick-ass collection of her books:

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Nick Nick Nick Nick Aidan Aidan Aidan Aidan

*Sigh... I can't never get anything ELSE done.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Deep voice + sexy accent = Me love love love

I'd never thought I'd post a video on my blog. I'm not that a big fan of watching YouTube vids on blogs because I'm just too lazy to wait for it to load (well, most of the time they load fast yes, but still I have no patience.)

Anyway, I was just clicking around YouTube (which I seldom do actually), because I have a sudden urge to listen to historical men speak.

North & South
(Extended Proposal Scene)

The lady in the video needs a hearing aid. I swear the sexy gentleman said "I love you". Twice. Once along the lines of "I wish to marry you because I love you". Oh baybeh.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Extreme Danger.

I love it.
Need.. Nick.. Ward..
Nick is everything I wish he'd be, alpha, alpha, alpha. Sexy. Hot. Possesive. Protective (damn fiercely). Stupid (oh, this is not what I wish him to be, but he is anyway). Male. Very male. Virile. Can 'do it' many times. Hmm did I just also describe the McCloud brothers & gang? Plus perhaps a hundred other romance novel heroes? What the heck. Pardon my limited vocab.

There is a part in the story where I want to smack Nick silly. Oh wait, he's already being silly (understatement, really). I wish I could smack him enough to come to his senses. Thinking back to the other novels.. no I don't remember wanting to smack Seth Mackey. Connor? Yes *smack *smack. Sean? Yup *smack *smack *smack. Davy? Only at the end *one small smack.

Becca? What's there to be said about her other than wishing that I can replace her place in Nick's bed? (Or any other places where one can woo-hoo with him?)

Tamara has been an interesting character in the previous novels, but I never had more interest in her than the men (duh). But my point of interest definately changed at the end of the book. If there're actually five or ten more hot, sexy, & brooding McCloud brothers (which would be heaven) lined up waiting to have their stories written, I'd still want to read Tam's first. Let's just say, I do love stories with babies in them. ☺

I can't for my life imagine how will Tam's hero be like. He definately has to exude even more sexiness than the McCloud brothers and gang. Alot more sexiness. Seriously. I want Tamara to have the second best (of course I get to have the best), because she's officially my favorite female character in a romance novel ever since reading the end of Extreme Danger. And I'm soo eagerly awaiting her hero. *Sigh.

I want Nick!

♥ Little Spoilers ♥

I love the Connor-and-baby-son moment at the beginning. Aww..

I love every moment with Davy (my favorite McCloud) in it. Especially the little part about the 'passionate kiss with lots of tongue' with his pregnant wife Margot on.. page two. Love it. And it's a baby girl for them! Aww.. I want to read a scene where Davy is cuddling and coo-ing his baby daughter. But no, there's none. WHHYY?!

And thank you thank you thank you to the great Ms McKenna for the 'I love you' and 'Marry me' all out way, way, way before the ending. I love reading them. Davy had problems with this, and I thought it was the biggest problem in Out of Control. *smack.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just Stunning.

Seen the awsome / beautiful / oh-my-god-nothing-can-beat-this cover of Pam Rosenthal's up coming novel?

Just too damn pretty.

Click click on the screenshot to go to The Spiced Tea Party blog post.

To quote Pam Rosenthal herself, it is devilish pretty. I conclude that this is the best cover of the year 2008. Somebody just try to beat that.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Unread Books.

No time to read.

Can't wait to read Janice Maynard's Play with Me!

Christie Ridgway & Pamlema Morsi rules here.. Sorry Lil!

Definately no time to blog.

And no time to sleep. (Argh)

Thus, no erotic dreams. (Hur hur)