Sunday, June 27, 2010

Montana Born: The Marriage Maker by Christie Ridgway.

Montana Born by Chistie Ridgway & Robin WellsI'm just very lucky to have come across Montana Born, during my nowadays-extremely-rare trips to the second-hand bookstore. One of the story, The Marriage Marker (which I just read), is by Christie Ridgway (yes, as if I need more of her in my TBR), and the other is by Robin Wells.

Some of my favorite and mentionable scenes in The Marriage Maker:

The hospital scene duh.

Every scene with Cleo kissing another man. Four of them? Or is it five? I lost count. I love Ethan's reaction ahHahahah.

Cleo revealing she can't cook.

Ethan revealing that he can.

And the ending where Cleo threw herself at Ethan.

And Jonah. I like how his presence and smile makes Cleo and Ethan important/happy, you know.

I miss reading about babies.


Kincaid? Hey, do they have anything to do with Rory Kincaid from This Perfect Kiss (my first book by Christie Ridgway)? Sigh, I love that book. Blew me away. Made Christie Ridgway a must buy.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Master of Fire. And Smoke!

Master of Fire by Angela KnightThe best thing about this book?


And the page after the end of the story, which reminded me that the next book in this serie is call Master of Smoke.

So Smoke gets his own book.


The part where he and Giada are in the woods, wow.

And the end part where he sacrifices so much because he wanted to protect two children. Damn.

I want to read Smoke's book now!!!!! :(


Logan is cute. An ass, but cute.

Like being angry that Giada lied to him, then he broke her heart, and then simply decided that roses can help smooth his apology over.

Like being an ass when he proposed that they true-bonded for survival reasons.

To quote Smoke (Smoke!), "dumbass". But cute.


Sorry, but Smoke is really the highlight of the book for me. ♥ And I just pre-ordered the book.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dreaded TBR.

I have now four Christie Ridgway books in my TBR. The three knitting stories and the latest Crush on You. I so want at least two weeks off work to read them in peace and recover from the emotional drain.

And then there's Kevin McCloud in all HARD cover glory just THERE wanting to be read too.

Argh Master of Fire!!!!

When did I buy Kresley Cole's The Price of Pleasure?

Oh Garters. I'm so afraid of reading it.


But come to think of it, despite these gems, all I want now is just another Abby Gaines book to read.