Monday, January 14, 2008

My Very First Romances - Part Two

Elliot, there's no question about your virility.

Aftershocks by Catherine Coulter. Actually, the trade paperback cover is prettier.

My favourite part? When George -- short for Georgina, the Heroine -- faked a skiing accident that left Dr. Eillot Mallory -- age 38, 15 years older than George -- seriously horrified. But upon realising that he's tricked, he became a caveman and then they had violent sex.

Loved it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ode to a Warlock.

Dathan, Dathan,
You the Man!
What? A Warlock?
I don't give a Damn!

♥ Anything for you Dathan! ♥

"Cherubic Features",
"Beautiful Eyes",
What more could I ask for?

♥ Darling Dathan~ ♥

"Regal Elegance"
"Splendid, Graceful creature".
So Why, Why, Why are you,
Just a secondary Character?

♥ My hero! Dathan! ♥

Valerian doubled-crossed you?
But it's not the End!
If I can will myself into a book character,
I would have married you just Then.

♥ Dathan! I'm your human mate! ♥

And In Book 4,
You so filled my life!
But I got stumped at the end...
Where's Book 5?

Aidan & Neely Calder & Maeve Valerian & Brenna & Elisabeth & Jenny & Harmony & Daisy etc... Max & Kristina, & Dathan dammit! Dathan & Me.

♥ I love you Dathan! ♥