Saturday, February 14, 2009

In my Mail.. Valentine's Day Wishes!

From Susanna Carr. ☺ It's a postcard:

The Postcard!

Hmm, I was confused by that white strip at the bottom. I think it's some thing used by the post office. Anyway, it's easily removed, leaves no sticky residue, so here:


^ Valentine's Day Wishes from Susanna Carr.


^ The back.

The message.

^ For anyone who wants to read it.


^ Stamps!

Stolen the below cover from Susanna Carr's website:

Woooo knee-high boots!

Absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted to have sexy knee-high boots, but everytime I think of the hot weather in my country, I have second thoughts buying it. I still crave them sometimes though. Should I get them?

The Year of Living Shamelessly is an October 2009 release. Maybe that should be my deadline to buy myself a pair of sexy knee-high boots. Maybe.

Pre-order the book at Amazon here.

Being single, I'm not big on Valentine's Day. But still I think it's no harm wishing couples out there a happy Valentine's Day. Wish you all happy-ever-afters!

Friday, February 13, 2009

In my Mail.. from Sasha White!

I love books. Argh I so love them. Especially when they have gorgeous (and sexy) covers. Love them.

Sexy Devil & My Prerogative!

This post is overdue for about.. a month ago. Sorry! I won the above two books at a giveaway at Sasha White's blog. Thank you Ms White!

More photos:

Envelope. I'm keeping it.
^ The envelope.

My Prerogative. OMG.
^ My Prerogative.

Yes, I did state that I already own the eBook version already before entering the giveaway. But holding the fabulous book in your hands is such a wondrous feeling. Go away eBook.

My road to My Prerogative:
Before this book is released, I've seen the cover around, and of course I really liked it and would love to own a copy, all because of the cover. Big cover junkie I am.

Then time passed, blah blah blah, and then one day, I was surfing the net and was hit by a serious-sudden-urge-to-buy-a-new-book-to-read. Like, asap. NOW. So I was clicking around blogs, saw that My Prerogative has been released, and after briefly scanning through 4 excerpts (they were everywhere) of the book, I immediately went to purchase it at Books on Board (here's the Fictionwise link if anyone prefers it there). And viola, got a new eBook downloaded to my pc in about 5 minutes after I got hit by the serious-sudden-urge-to-buy-a-new-book-to-read.

eBook is a very dangerous technology.

A few seconds later, I transfered the eBook to my mobile phone and cuddled up on the bed to read it. And then OMFG what a story. It became my favourite book of 2008. And my best impluse buy ever. Ever. EVAH!

My Prerogative. OMG x 2
^ The back. I like the book spine really. Red, bold text. Wow.

My Prerogative. OMG x infinity. Autographed!
^ Autographed. Wow.

It's really an awesome feeling owning the book. It's not just a great story, it's something seriously way better than great, and.. it's great! Pardon my limited vocab, even with the amount of reading I do.

I loved the way the story was told. The heroine is written in first person, and we get to know a good damn lot of how she feels. The hero is written from a third person view, it makes him.. puzzling? Mysterious? (Insert-suitable-word-of-your-choice)? It's like there're so much more to him that we don't know, won't know, reading it from a third person. This is the first time I read a book like this and it works darn well for me. I won't have it written any other way! I highly doubt I'll get the same feeling. Sundays at Tiffany's (by James Patterson) is written like that too. It so works! Love both books. I cried hard at both of them. It's the romance dude. Romance!

Moar photos:

Sexy Devil. Yum..
^ Sexy Devil. Yes I got this in the mail too.

The Back of Sexy Devil
^ Don'cha wana see more of that hunk? Primal Male is the sequel to this book.

Sexy Devil, autographed!
^ Yup. Envy Me.

And of course there's more to envy about me:

Mini bookmarks!
^ Mini bookmarks.

Mini bookmarks..
^ From top-left: Sexy Devil, Lush, Gypsy Heart, Bound
From bottom-left: Trouble, Wicked, My Prerogative.

Mini bookmarks, the back.
^ Blurbs at the back.

My first Sasha White read (and my only read before I got My Prerogative) is 'The Crib' in the anthology Pure Sex. The ending is like a major cliff hanger to me. I was pleasantly (wrong word) surprised to discover that they're going to star in another novella as main characters. YYAHHOOO! YIPPEEE! AAHHHHHH! Really? I wish for a happily-ever-after, but I'd settle for a happy-for-now ending. I wanted them to stay together. Unless there's a promise of a future story about them. Here's the hot cover for that book (an anthology):

Most Wanted. Hell Yeah.

It's out May 26th. And today is 13th Feburary. Damn.

Sexy Devil & My Prerogative ♥

A BIG thanks to Sasha White for making this post possible, and also for making me extremely happy!

Sexy Devil & My Prerogative ☺

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Rants. What to read, and more rants.

I'm been having problems with reading. I started on a book, and stopped reading 45 mins later. The next day, I started on another book, and stopped reading 30 mins later. And as of now, I'm thinking of starting another book.

On defense of the books, they aren't horrible, but they just don't seem to interest me at the moment. Now, I think I would like something light, and funny. Definitely need funny. Contemporary helps too.

*Turns to grab the TBR pile closest to me.
One of the PILE.

Poor Nathan Kamp's face got wiped out by the camera flash. (See Angela Knight's Master of the Night book spine?)

Garters is the last classic of Pamela Morsi left in my TBR. Unread. No way in hell I'm gonna read it anytime soon. Think I have to take two weeks off work for that, one day to read it, and the other thirteen days to recover from emotional breakdown.

Hmm.. Maybe Your Coffin or Mine or I'm Your Santa. Maybe I'm Your Santa. Something short. Ooh maybe I should go check out all those super short Harlequin eBooks. Maybe. Can someone just send me links? I feel so lazy to look for books to read. Wait, I hear someone say that I should smack myself.

Rydstrom is mine.And I've glanced through (not read no way) numerous reviews of Kiss of a Demon King and !@#$%^ them because I've not got my hands on the book. No I don't want an eBook of that, I want a nice physical book to cuddle up to read. (Darn you local bookstores! When are you gonna stock them?! Amazon is NOT a choice!) Really can't wait to read about a possessive Rydstrom. Want to read it soo much.

Two pretty covers:
Photobucket Photobucket

Better visit the Elizabeth Boyle's website only for info on these two books. Better NOT read the synopsis on Amazon (it's a spoiler IMHO).

And this from Romantic Times:

Isn't Robin Schone's cover gorgeous? Look at that colour! It looks more reddish on Amazon though. I hope it's really pink like above.

And this..
Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy
.. is just too hot not to post on my blog. And do you know that Erin McCarthy got a new website design? I just discovered it a few seconds ago. It's looks great!

Are you using Google Reader? It spoils me. I should really make it a point to click to see the original post instead of reading it from Google Reader.

Sasha White goodies!
I swear I'm gonna post photos soon of the books I won at a giveaway by Sasha White. (Thank you again!)