Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finished Demon from the Dark!

Master of Shadows by Angela Knight Totally loved how it turned out!

You know, I'm prefer reading about the men doing more in going after their women...with the women being hard-to-get-blah-blah-blah.

But in this case I just love how Carrow time and time again kept implying that she wants Malkom forever and it's not just "use him" for now.

I also love how Carrow (& Ruby!) reacted after being traced to safety without Malkom with them.

I had hoped to read more, but with the kidnapping/war/what-ever-is-going-on, going on and all that.. I'm still satisfied with the short (too short to me) ending.

And a nice touch to see so many couples (Rydstrom! Nikolai! *swoonnnn*) from previous books making a brief appearance too.

I can't wait to read Lanthe's story and also when Malkom will be paid so that he can buy Carrow their dream home. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rant rant rant.. Oh Carrow.

Master of Shadows by Angela KnightI'm halfway through Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole, and one thing I can't stop worrying is when (if?) Carrow betrays Malkom and seeing how sensitive Malkom is to betrayals... *sigh.

Though happily ever after if guaranteed, I still won't like reading what I guess might happen. Hopefully it won't.

This reminded me of when Cade (Dark Desires After Dusk) handled over Holly to the bad guy. I know things are gonna turn out ok but can't he say to hell to whatever he has to do and then solve things rather then hand Holly over THEN solve things?

Ya know what I mean?

Now Carrow is somewhat like in Cade's shoes.

And I still haven't forgiven Cade though.

Gawd I have a long memory. Guys. Better not piss me off!


On another note, the sexiness I expected from Kresley Cole books did not disappoint one bit. I want Malkom to feed me too! :(

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Way to Love a Woman.

I don't ever read reviews for books that I would definitely read. But while browsing through Dear Author I came across this line on Jane's review for Scandalous Desires (by Elizabeth Hoyt), "(...)he does come to love Silence unabashedly."


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally read Master of Shadows! ♥

Master of Shadows by Angela KnightWow.

Can't believe Real Life caused me to delay reading Master of Shadows for more than a month.

I just finished it, it didn't disappoint at all, and I'm totally happy that Miranda will have a hero! :)))))

So what to read next?

Still not sure whether to dig into another Elizabeth Thornton or go back to contemporary for now..

Some TBR..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♥ Master of Shadows! ♥

Got this in the mail today! Angela Knight's latest! (And I'm so damn happy her website has improved so damn much!) Yay!

Master of Shadows
And then I played around with some andriod photo apps.

I hope I have time to read it this weekend!

Oh I so heart Mageverse!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Which romance hero does not go commando when wearing a kilt?

Highland Fire by Elizabeth ThorntonWhen Scotland is mentioned, I always think about kilts and whether men wear anything under them. But if we're talking about hot, sexy heroes of romance novels, I expect them to wear nothing.

And so I *heart* Lord Iain Randal, because he does what I expect.

Randal maybe born & bred English, but how can there not be no mention about him wearing a kilt?
Caitlin's eyes, along with the eyes of every lady present, were trained on the swing of his lordship's kilt. The breeze ruffled the hem a fraction, and a collective sigh went up. (...) The next blast of cold air did more than ruffle the hem of his lordship's kilt.
I just giggle everytime I read and re-read that part.

And yes I love Highland Fire, the romance and the little mystery thrown in it too.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scarlet Angel by Elizabeth Thornton.

Scarlet Angel by Elizabeth ThorntonThis book, the intro especially, is heavy on the history/war things. I don't recommend it for romance readers looking for a first taste of Elizabeth Thornton's romance. It definately does not start off light.

But when it's focusing on Cam and Gabrielle... ohh I love it.

The reason?

One of it:
"I've only ever loved one woman in my whole life, and that's you. Gabrielle, I love you."
And so much more.

I just love the fact that Cam and Gabrielle admit their love to each other VERY early on. In most romance novels, the I-love-yous came at the end, but in Elizabeth Thornton's books, you can expect it early. From the MAN.

It's really lovely reading those emotional I-love-yous, my favourite parts in Elizabeth Thornton's stories.

(ending spoilers ahead.)
The end is just wows me how much Gabrielle and Cam loved each other. Gabrielle not hating Cam at all upon learning how his ploting of revenge on her grandfather had caused her hurt during her childhood years. Yet she still apologies for her actions as innocent child. I didn't expect these. Thought she'd be freaked and will fight Cam again or something. But hey, she matured, realised how hurt Cam is and how much she love him. I just love how it all comes together. And Cam? Just gave up years of wanting revenge just for Gabrielle's happiness.

This is just why I love reading romances.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Virtuous Lady by Elizabeth Thornton.

A Virtuous Lady by Elizabeth ThorntonThe thing with Hugh and and Briony (and Richard and Catherine and Gareth and Deirdre etc.), I don't think they will have an happily ever after like Disney's fairy tales.

With they way they kept baiting each other, intentionally hurting each other emotionally blah-blah-blah, I think they will continue to do so even after the story ends.

No amount of I-love-yous can stop that.

I'm not complaining about above, I'm actually looking forward to reading more verbal sparing scenes (though some makes me go oh Hugh... grow up!). And the making up later. ☺

Some of my fav lines from A Virtuous Lady:
In normal circumstances, he would never have given her a second glance, his Briony. He repeated the name under his breath. Even her name had the power to bewitch him.
I need to give myself an english name pronto. Oh wait, does 'Fancy' count?
"Listen to me Miss Briony Langland. The man you give yourself to will be me or you will give yourself to no man."
Be still my heart.
His longing for Briony had long since surpassed the mere physical desire to satiate his lust. He could not live without her. He wanted her to share his life. It was as simple as that.
"Good God, Briony, the fact that I have chosen to bind myself to one woman irrevocably should prove something to you!"
Oh yes. Good God, Briony.

And the whole part where they got caught in a storm and then Hugh was holding Briony and comforting her? All this thoughts then just wow-ed me. ♥


Don't you just hate the situation where you just finished a book and then have to choose between ∞ books to read next?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bluestocking Bride by Elizabeth Thornton.

This is mine. Find your own copy.
I was surprised when I first saw this book, Bluestocking Bride (and A Virtuous Lady too), because I didn't expect it to be so thin. Only 238 pages! Most of Elizabeth Thornton's later books are pretty thick with 300-400 pages and some with super small fonts.

I do like reading a good looong Elizabeth Thornton story.

After reading this, I realised why it's so short; there's no big mystery to be solved like the one in The Bride's Bodyguard or Shady Lady; two stories in which I was actually more interested in the mystery than the romance. Not that the romance is lacking, I just had been a big mystery fangirl before discovering romances... but I digress.

So we plainly have the romance (and loads of typical misunderstandings) here in Bluestocking Bride.

I never really liked misunderstandings and there are moments where I would love to slap both Catherine and Richard.

But then, Elizabeth Thornton's heroes ♥ are the kind whom I've always wanted to read about. Forceful? Well, they so dare to do whatever they want to own (yeah own, you got that right) the woman they want. They are seriously rare, and not everyone's favourite I guess.
"Catherine, one sigh of pleasure from you can bring me to heel."
^ Love that. Richard actually reveals quite alot of his feelings for Catherine and what she can do to him, but Catherine can be quite selective in her hearing sometimes.

And I do love those instances where Richard finds Catherine reading and always walks over to cast a shadow over her book to get her attention.

As for the ending, I like how Richard tells Catherine everything. They're not secrets, I don't think he kept them from her on purpose or what, he just didn't tell her, and that's stupid. But then, what is a romance novel without occasionally stupid heroes and heroines?

I just wish the ending would be longer. Like fifty more pages. Or ideally a hundred. Richard could grovel somemore. Catherine could have made him be jealous more. She lets him off too easily.

Overall, a satisfying read, since I got to read the kind of hero I like. ♥

"I promise you Catherine, my passion, my love will be invested in our marriage. There will be nothing left over for anyone else."
^ How can I not mention this line? And smack by the middle of the story too! Just love it when heroes declare their love early on in the book. ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Bluestocking Bride by Elizabeth Thornton ♥♥ Bluestocking Bride (Reprint!) by Elizabeth Thornton ♥

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Showing Off...

Elizbeth Thornton ♥

My current Elizabeth Thornton out-of-print collection.

Quite an accomplishment since I've only discovered her in Feb this year. *Pats myself on the back*

Still doing my damndest to collect them all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In One Sentence.

Don't you just hate it when you typed a LONG LONG OH SO LONG rant about The Woman in White and The Bride's Bodyguard and you didn't realise that there's something wrong with your browser or blogger or what f*** and so when you click "SAVE NOW", it doesn't actually save? :(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blood and Roses by Angela Knight.

Blood and Roses by Angela KnightBlood and Roses is a novella from Burning Up.

This is my first non-Mageverse story by Angela Knight.

Favourite part? When Raniero cradles Amaris when she lets him feed on her blood (she's a Blood Rose, whose blood strengthens vampires, i.e Raniero).

It's a small part in a really short story (62 pages), but it gets to me. I can't forget that even with those hot bonking going on.

I could just imagine that part in a full length novel. With them exploring their feelings during that moment...

Anyway, it's still a trademark Angela Knight hot story. A perfect one hour-plus read for me before bedtime.

But I can't wait for the next MAgeverse book ArgHH! Tristan!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What is happening?

Elizabeth Thornton's website is gone. Why?

Update (24th Apr): Her website is back. Yay!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Worldly Widow by Elizabeth Thornton.

The Worldly Widow by Elizabeth Thornton ♥I think I prefer Elizabeth Thornton's older historicals, where the heroes are very, very, very, very x 1000 alpha. (Her later ones are only very x 100 alpha).

I've only read two of her older works, this and To Love An Earl, but I think my deduction is right.

Anyhoo, let me present the reason for this post:

♥♥ David Falconer, Earl of Dalmar ♥♥

And Annabelle too actually, I just LOVE how she fights back. But let me talk about David. Please.

(SPOILERS warning...)
"A child," he murmured, and his eyes, glittering with some new emotion, swept over her. "Don't worry about it," he soothed. "If you give me a whole brood of children, I'll welcome every one of them."
^ This, on page 56 in the 1990 edition. So early on in the book. I love that.
"You're mine. I'll never let you go."
^ Page 58. I can never be tired of reading this. He might be under a bit of laudanum but I believe he's 99% lucid.

And then there's chapter eight. Probably my favourite part. He's thinking about how magical (my words) Annabelle is, how he has never felt this way about anyone before etc. etc.

I don't know which part to quote, his whole thinking about what is going on between him and Annabelle is just awesome, a great pleasure to read. Elizabeth Thornton just rocks at writing. I re-read it before going on the next part, him meeting Annabelle and his son (awesome scene) and then him and Annabelle alone (awesome scene yet again).
"What exactly do you want?" she asked, eyeing him curiously.
"The usual. A home, a wife, a children -- a personal stake in the future, and someone to share it with. Is it so hard to understand?"
I know there's no love mentioned, but as a reader I know he's thinking of it because Annabelle made him think all above are possible. With her. Oh com'on, it's romantic already, how much he (albeit in his mind) admits Annabelle can do to him. ♥

And then when he himself accepted that it's over between Annabelle and him? Totally wretching. I like how Annabelle baited him and got him back though. ☺

I would really love more scenes at the end, but I suppose at 400+ pages, this book is looong already. But I don't think I would mind reading fifty or so more pages about them being happy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost A Princess by Elizabeth Thornton.

Almost A Princess by Elizabeth Thornton ♥I hardly tuck into a romance when I know that there's going to be a heavy amount of suspense/thriller etc. elements (unless it's Shannon Mckenna). I'd usually breeze through the non-romance parts if I'm not in the mood.

But Elizabeth Thornton? I just read everything.

Ever since I read To Love An Earl, I just feel like digging into her other books too, war, spies and all.

I can so take it. ☺

Because ultimately, the romance is seriously satisfying for me. In the mist of all the impossibilities.

Oh Case.

(SPOILERS warning...)

One of my favourite scenes is when Case and Jane and her AWESOME dog, Lance (short for Lancelot) went out in the dark and cold to look for her housekeeper's young grandson.

I do so love how Case threatens answers out of a bad guy:
"I'll ask you again," he said, "and if I don't like the answer, I'm going to break your arm. Where is the boy?"
All for Jane right?

Andandandand later in the story how Case shows his love for Jane:
"I'm saying that if you go back to Campbell, I'll come after you. I mean it, Jane. And if you run away and go into hiding again, I'll find you and chain you to my side."
"When I came here tonight, I didn't know, I didn't understand. I thought you'd deliberately led me on knowing that I could never have you. I was crazy with jealously, and my pride, of course, was cut to shreds."
And so much darn more.

I took so long to blog this because when I browse through the book for tidbits of Case that I love, I tend to continue reading. And reading.

I just love this whole book. Case, Jane, Lance, the mysteries and all. ♥

Monday, February 28, 2011

"I will forget you, Sara Fielding,"

Dreaming of You by Lisa KleypasNo matter what it takes? *sniff*

"Pick a name. I'll get him for you."

"I'll close down your publisher."

"Marry me, Sara."

It's just heartbreaking reading some of the words that came out of Derek's mouth.

The "I love you" is usually the most memorable for me, but for Derek I just can't seem to forget his "I will forget you" line. I kept thinking back to this part as I was reading the book. I just want to hold him and say everything is gonna be fine! Just go love Sara! ☺

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Love An Earl by Elizabeth Thornton.

To Love An Earl by Elizabeth ThorntonWow.

I've always wanted to read something like this. A hero who wants a woman so much that he plans her downfall and resorts to blackmail to get her to rely on him.

If all else fails, bed her to force her hand in marriage.

And if that fails too, blackmail again. With her brother's life at stake.

Wow, really.

You know how Rathbourne's and Deirdre's relationship is like?

Man wants Woman. Woman submits. Man satisfied. Woman upsets (understatement) Man. Man is disappointed (understatement) and doesn't not want to care about her anymore. Time passes. Man wants Woman. Woman fights Man off. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Is there a HEA? To my interpretation not really... at least not the kind of HEA in the other romances that I've read.

The ending (not really a spoiler here) of course has them together, but I feel that the story is still on-going. I was ready to read another scene with Rathbourne being devastated by the actions of Deirdre, wants her to leave, and THEN after a while blackmailing her to be back with him again.

I'm kinda used to that once I got to the end.

Rathbourne is just obsessed with the fact that Deirdre still does not put him as number one in her life. He will never seem to accept that fact Deirdre will forever pamper her brother. If they don't resolve this, I doubt they'll get a HEA.

So I bet there's still going to be lots of drama in their life.

All those above? It does sound annoying the way I put it, but I love. ♥ I've really, really enjoyed the book.

Only in this book I suppose.

There's this part where Rathbourne leaves for war... Now I just really dislike parts where the H/h are not together. Because it's boring.

I read romance novel for the romance.

But in this book? I actually continued reading. Without skipping a part. I would like to pat myself on the back for reading them, but I think I have to give credit to the writing. I really enjoyed it.

This story is long, and I actually wanted to read more. More scenes where they fight over stupid things again. :p

Oh the gun thingy at the end, a part of me thinks Rathbourne is just being ridiculous and thinks too much... like a woman. Another part of me thinks aww he loves her sooo much and really just wants to be her priority in everything!

I have really, never, read anything like this book. ♥

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lord Griffin and Lady Hero.

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth HoytI just lack the ability to describe how much I love some books. Like for Elizabeth Hoyt's books. I always read other blogger's reviews and nod my head in a agreement with what they say.

I love Griffin and Hero. ♥

How can you not love how Griffin loves Hero so much that he wants to throw away his life knowing he can't have her? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In their stituation, I was really wondering all the time how would it all worked out.

I'm glad Thomas got someone too. Everyone should have a HEA!

As for Silence, I feel so much for her when she appeared in Wicked Intentions, and I'm just so glad she stars in a romance novel and things WILL work out for her. Mary Darling is so cute. ♥

Charming Mickey.


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Mark of the Demon (Rhyzkahl!) by Diana Rowland*Pls don't mind the nonexistent editing.*

I just finished page 140 (end of Chapter 9) and wow.

I want Rhyzkahl.

I want him so much that I actually a read non-romance labelled murder mystery novel. (It's labelled as fantasy on this library book in my hand.)

NOT that I don't like the non-romance novels, I just have no mood for it. With my awful hectic lifestyle, I just want to read romance... happily ever after and all that.

*Sigh* I know, I know, this is not a romance novel.

And I don't like love triangles that's why I stay away from stories with more than one man in the heroine's love life.

But what I've googled about Rhyzkahl makes him soooo appealing that I couldn't resist bringing up my library catalog search in firefox and typing in 'Diana Rowland'. Viola. Her first two books are available at this library, the second closest to my home. I did this search at work, and so went straight to the library to borrow them after work. So I got 'Mark of the Demon' and 'Blood of the Demon'. And that night was the start of my ravishment of Rhyzkahl. ♥♥

Well, just that morning I found out about Rhyzkahl. In my google reader on my mobile, on the train ride to work. A BIG thank you to whoever blogged about him recently! Sorry I can't rember you because I was just scrolling l through my romance blogs feed. You guys seems to be part of one big happy romance blog. ☺

Anyway, how does one resist a demon LORD summoned just for sex? Okay, there's something more than sex I think, but I looove that 'summoned just for just sex' idea. (Don't you?)

Is there a romance novel with this premise?

If I remember correctly I've read something about Kresley Cole's smoke demon being summoned by a woman when reading Cadeon's (love the full name) story. Ah Cadeon my man! My first demon book ♥.

Now Rhyzkahl baby is just a romance reader's (well, at least mine) dream come through. Fine, I've only read three scenes about him, but I've cheated and browsed through this book and the second book for more of him. I can't resist!

And I loved what I've scanned through so far ♥♥♥.

I am SO in love.

I can't wait to get more of Rhyzkahl! Though I'd probably breeze through the murder mystery part (again, not that I don't like it, I just have no mood for it).

I want a Rhyzkahl in a pure romance novel please.

I don't know about Ryan, he only just appeared in what I've read so far. He is interesting though. Well he has to be right? Since he's supposed to be one of the main character.

Argh, I just don't like love triangles.

Because someone is gonna get hurt :(

I wish there was no Ryan, and this is a romance novel.

Well, Ryan can appear, and then star in another romance novel after Kara and Rhyzkahl got their HEA. Like how Jeff Corbin got his book with his own HEA but I digress.

The only thing that can make this right is that Ryan is Rhyzkahl in disguise so yeah HEA for Kara!

But not gonna happen.

Still, I've already made up my mind to continue reading about Rhyzkahl. It's still good writing ya know.

Rhyzkahl. Rhyzkahl. Rhyzkahl.

But if Ryan catches my heart too, great! But I only want Rhyzkahl for now.

And the covers are gorgeous.
Mark of the Demon (Rhyzkahl!) by Diana RowlandBlood of the Demon (Rhyzkahl! Rhyzkahl!) by Diana RowlandSecrets of the Demon (Rhyzkahl! Rhyzkahl! Rhyzkahl!) by Diana Rowland

Monday, January 17, 2011

Her Surprise Hero by Abby Gaines.

Her Surprise Hero by Abby Gaines The most boring part of the book:
Chapter One. Only Cynthia and no Ethan.

When did the excitement pick up for me:
Chapter Two. When Ethan appeared. Wait, it's more like that the end of Chapter One, when we first hear (read, whatever) Ethan speak.

I'm not saying Cynthia is boring, it's just that what I read this book (and other romances for) is the hero and heroine. Together.

If the books starts out with Ethan only, it'd be boring for me too.

With that said, I love how they met.☺

I just love every moment they're together. All those scenes, conversations, I'm sooo glad Abby Gaines writes normal stories (I meant no saving-the-world, escaping-from-psychopaths thingies). Hmm I prefer her NASCARS though. But anything she writes, I read. All thanks to a free eBook once upon a time at Books On Board.

Favourite part:
When Ethan and Cynthia are both in the closet at the end. ♥

Cynthia's judging of competitions.

When Ethan got Cynthia the job of judging competitions at the fair (to enable her to met people blah blah blah), I was like, I thought I read something like this before... Sabrina! Haha pumpkins!

Oh the memories...

A page was bookmarked for this sentence:
"The silence in the courtroom was complete, he could have heard an onion growing."

So that I can re-read it laugh.

But you have to read the book for it to be even funnier.


I only have One in a Million and The Memory of a Kiss left of Abby Gaines goodies. I think they could last me only till Feb.


Write more quickly please?