Sunday, August 31, 2008


I want to cry already.

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson (and Gabrielle Charbonnet)

No, I'm not crazy enough to get the hard cover version, but still I got a nice trade paperback size one. Big text! Lots of space! And it's still shrinkwrapped. Now I just have to plan a nice uninterrupted weekend to unwrap it. ☺


From the back cover:

'When you grow up, you won't remember me'

Jane Margaux was never supposed to remember her imaginary friend when he vanished from her life but he was her best friend she'd ever had and she could never let his memory fade.

Jane was a sweet, funny, chubby seven-year-old, desperately seeking love from her self-obsessed mother, Vivienne, and a father who was wrapped up in a new life with his beautiful young girlfriend. Jane's only friend was handsome, funny, thirty-something Michael. Michael was different; no one else could see him, nor did they believe he existed beyond the realms of Jane's very creative imagination. They would talk from morning till night. As Jane grew older though, the time came for Michael to leave her side, his work done.

Jane couldn't forget him though and, isolated and lonely, she lives in the shadow of her dramatic and over-powering mother. Over twenty years after Michael has said goodbye, Jane catches a glimpse of that unforgotten face, her heart pounding. She can't believe it can be true - could it really be Michael?

This time though, Michael isn't just a figment of her imagination. But will the path of true love be a smooth one? And will Jane get her happy ever after?

Sundays at Tiffany's is a heart-warming romance about a girl who until now has lived her life on the sidelines, about what it feels like to fall in love, a tale of soulmates.


It sounds beautiful. ♥

James Patterson's other two romance novels are Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and Sam's Letters to Jennifer.

Better come prepared with boxes of tissues before embarking to read this. Be prepared to cry real bad.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Julian and his Picket Fences.

What I like so much about Hard Evidence, other than the fact that the hero's name is Julian, and that he's hot-hot-hot, that he's uber protective of Tessa, that he holds her and comforts her when she breaks down, that he broke down her door when she's in trouble at home to get to her asap, that he buys a coffee maker for her, that he buys a plant with a pink flower for her, that he buys many boxes of condoms because he wants to do Tessa, etc. etc., is that there's an epilogue.

I love epilogues such as the one in Hard Evidence. Though epilogues could get abit too happy & cheezy, with all the characters getting along and hugging each other, and having the reader think "damn, is this going to end with the phrase 'and they lived happily ever after'?", I still like it. Alot. ☺

The three books in the I-Team series:

Extreme Exposure. Hard Evidence. Unlawful Contact.

I think I'm going to start on Unlawful Contact next. ♥

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eloisa James: her website and up-coming book.

Pretty things first:
New book cover .

When the Duke Returns Stolen from this page (Edit: Link updated!). I weely want a nice big image for keepsake.

I read An Affair Before Christmas (and ranted about the side story here & here) because of it's pretty cover. And I'm definately picking up When the Duke Returns because of it's cover too. Well, and also because of the fact that I'm intrigued by Isidore when reading An Affair Before Christmas. Here's a description of her story:

Isidore has been waiting for her husband to return from his travels for years. She’s tired of being a virgin wife, tired of living on the Continent, tired of watching her friends have children while she dances the night away. You met her in Duchess by Night…you know that her plan to create a scandal, forcing her husband to return, worked. The duke returned. But Isidore forgot that old saying: Be careful what you wish for!

Oohh really interesting premise.

Second (and last) thing:
Eloisa James website .

I really like the website. Lots and lots of stuff to see after reading a book. Kinda fun. I thought I saw an egg. Anyway, at every book page, there's this Mea Cupla which states little errors in the book like spelling mistakes. I really, really like this little section. Plus, it's a pretty site, worth checking out a number of times, even for a non-rabid fan like me.

Here's the preorder link for When the Duke Returns.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This review is HAHAHAAH!

No, I've not read any one of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga books but I've read lots of reviews & spoilers on them. And this review titled "Edward Cullen helps me review Breaking Dawn" (spoiler alert!) had me going AHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAH! It's my favourite review.

I'm older than him, but Robert Pattinson is one yumming looking vampire on this poster:

If I'm still a teen, I'd want Edward Cullen BAD.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Books!

Swoon*(From the photo) Top book:
Master of Swords
by Anglea Knight

I got Master of Wolves last week and read it and love it. And I'm totally not reading this serie in order. That's me.

(From the photo) The one in the middle:
Lessons From A Courtesan
by Jenna Petersen

I discovered Jenna Petersen from Facebook. While clicking around the web, I heard good things that I might like about this book. So why not try it. ☺

(From the photo) Bottom:
Crazy Hot
by Tara Janzen

*Starts reading.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Julian. The Name. Love it!

I have this thing for heroes called Julian.

I love Julian Samms from The Samms Agenda by Alison Kent. He my favourite guy in the SG-5 series. I find him to be the hottest, but probably also because his name is Julian.

And now I'm reading Pamela Clare's Hard Evidence. Ooh Julian Darcangelo. I'm only up to page 130, but I already think he's the perfect Julian. Menacing, hot, and sweet. "Not so bad", really. ♥

My other favourite romance hero names? Macedon (new!), Cadeon, Ranulf, Bevier. Ok, Bevier is not from a romance novel, but I can just imagine saying his name while.. ☺

Back to reading Hard Evidence. Ooh Julian Darcangelo.