Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Everytime I see a new book coming soon by one of my favorite authors, I have a tiny orgasm.

Naughty, Naughty.

This reminds me of a book by the same title..

Another hot cover that I like:

Body Moves.

Read the excerpts for Body Moves here.

“You think I have a man in here. I don’t have a man in here.”

“Actually you do.” He pushed his way inside, taking a second to kick the door shut before he pinned her against the wall with the press of his body against hers.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chocolate is good medicine.

I love Chocolates.

Check out the excerpts on Renee Luke's website.

My favorite part:

Nathan Ray had a hard-on for a woman he didn’t know. A woman he’d never seen before now. Hell, he didn’t even see all of her, just her backside; narrow waist, round ass, shapely legs.

and the



“Excuse me.”

“Awhh!” She spun toward him, her eyes wide with fear, the blow-dryer aimed like a gun, blasting him with cool air.

I thought that was a really funny exclaimation.

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Donahue Donahue Donahue!

Rock My World!

What made me buy this book? Probably the phrase on the cover, C'mon, I dare you.

To research his latest film, he’s spending three full days (and nights) in a lush, tropical paradise with sensual survival expert Ariel Leigh.

I love reading about Cole and Ariel's three full days (and nights) together. This is what I like in romances, having the hero and heroine together all the time, every single damn moment.

I love reading about how their relationship developed over these days, love reading how they feel about each about, love their little concerns for each other during that time, it's repeatedly frustratedingn to read the words "I love you/falling in love with you/blah blah love you blah blah" appearing only in italics instead of being between double quotation marks.

And I think I fell in love with Ariel's uncle:

"... I suggest you pursue her as she's never been pursued before. And if you're able to catch up with her, I suggest that this time you tell her what's in your heart."

Oh, the ending has got to be the most unique ending of all endings I've ever read. Did I say I love Ariel's uncle? The idea that he makes Cole sweat it out to look for Ariel is just awesome! The reuniting part is just sweet, sweet, sweet, and I thought it was really a torture for Ariel to keep hearing Cole's voice but thinking that she's dreaming. But still, what a memory it would be for Ariel, and what a story to tell the children and grandchildren. I read the ending a million times and each time never fails to put tears in my eyes.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Christmas Bravas

I miss reading a six-author Brava christmas anthology. I didn't think the stories are compromised by the limited pages. My favorite shortest novella has got to be Nancy Warren's Nutcracker Sweet from Jingle Bell Rock. For me, it beats most full-length novels.

Nutcracker Sweet is only about 40 pages (or less I think), but the story is full of substance, full of happenings/progress.. I get to know the characters and their relationship very well in just a few pages. I felt that I've been reading the story for more than two hours, but in reality, I only finished it in slightly less than an hour. The story never ceased to wow -- and touch -- me no matter how many times I read it.

And here's probably my favorite part of the story where Daniel asked for Tara's number.

"We should probably swap phone numbers, too."
"Why? It's the talking that gets us in trouble."
"In case we want to have phone sex."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pink Books Showtime!

Can't really think of a better title for this post. Anyway, I Only Have Fangs for You and Pink Ice just made me thought of some other pretty pink (or near pink/shades of pink/any pink/magenta can do too) books that I have:

Standing In The Shadows.

Standing In The Shadows by Shannon Mckenna - This goes first because it's my favourite of all the pink books story wise. Nobody writes like Shannon Mckenna. Period.

Two pinks by Christie Ridgway~

Not Another New Year's and An Offer He Can't Refuse by Christie Ridgway - I've finished An Offer He Can't Refuse, but Not Another New Year's in still my TBR. Christie Ridgway writes about family, friends, love, family, life, death, family, and even more family, friends, and love stuff.

I get emotional all the time reading her books.

Emotional = lots of tears flowing = heart-warming = another favourite author.

Oh there're lots of humorous moments in her books too to keep me laughing instead of crying all the time. Great, great, great, author.

Sealed With A Kiss~

Sealed with a Kiss - Loved the envolope image on the cover. Pamela Morsi is another author who writes sweet heart-warming stories that I love. Her older releases are very, very hard to find. All the books I own by Pamela Morsi are gotten from second-hand shops. I was lucky that those I found are still in very good condition.

The Heart's Haven~

The Heart's Haven by Jill Barnett. Jill Barnett's books are among the first few romances that I've read and loved. Try her Wonderful, Wild, and Wicked historial romance series. I give them big thumbs ups.


Alison Kent's The Samms Agenda - I like the pink namecard thing clipped to the folder, so this belongs here too. And also because Julian Samms is my favorite of the SG-5 hunks, so his book deserves this space more than the others. And also plus the fact that he swears in Mandarin! You know, I felt a connection with him every time he utters some chinese phrases. (Yes! I'm Chinese! I know Mandarin! Ha! Big revelation!)

And I just had to add this before I hit publish and go to bed:

The Pregnancy Test!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Girl's Best Friend.

I may be crazy about vampires at the moment, but I still remembered to pick up Susanna Carr's Pink Ice yesterday too. Did I mention I love pink?

The stunning pink diamond earrings are guaranteed to bring out the bombshell in every woman.

I love earrings, maybe I'd source out a similar one, so that I can feel like the heroines in the book. I can't get real pink diamond ones of course, normal pretty cheap pink crystals ones would do for me, I hope.

Talking about earrings, in Out of the Blue by JoAnn Ross, the heroine -- who is a famous singer with an ex-FBI hunk/professional sniper for a boyfriend -- bought herself christmas tree earrings in the first chapter. I'm actually currently sourcing out similar earrings so that I could pretend that I'm a famous singer with an ex-FBI hunk/professional sniper for a boyfriend too. ☺

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Mysterious Men of May.

Brava May '07 releases.

Don't you think the covers for the up-coming Brava releases for May have something in common? One of the hunk should try to go topless too. But I'm not really complaing.

I just love the Bad Boys branding. Can't wait to read another one. What happened to Wicked Women anyway?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Already Satisfied.

Pls satisfy me. Pls?

I love the overall feeling of this cover. It's like, satisfy you? No sweat at all baby!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mommy, Baby, Daddy.

I'm a great big sucker for books with babies in them. Whether they're still in their mommy's belly or out of it, as long as they're still cute and are not teenagers yet, I love their presence. they make good romances.

And that's why I recently picked up A Mother's Touch from the libary, an collection of three classics by Linda Howard, Emilie Richards, & Sherryl Woods. Lovely book. ☺

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Praise for Personal Assets

I just finished Emma Holly's Personal Assets, and no, I'm still not into the man-man, woman-woman thing. It's hot, it's erotic, but it does have sweet moments in it too:

"I love you," he said, searching her face as if he meant to imprint her image in his brain. "Remember I love you."

Aw shucks. This is my absolute favourite line in the book. And another thing worth mentioning is that Simon's dad is really a wonderful person.

"My dad always says..."

I love all those parts describing the relationship between Simon and his dad (foster dad actually), especially about how he was a hero to Simon, "rescuing" him from the orphanage when he was five.

And let's not forget Simon's sweet mom too. Kudos to her for calling her son darling, and taking to scrubbing the floor of her home by herself instead of hiring a maid to do it.

Friday, April 6, 2007


I got Susan Johnson's Tempting recently at a mini book bonanza at less than a third of the price sold at Bookstores. The version I got is the green paperpack one:


I've already read the book: I saw the trade paperback version (the pretty pink one) on the shelves at the library one day last year, and made a big leap for it. I enjoyed Tempting enough to want to buy it, but I want the trade paperback version, pretty pink and big text and all, but it's nowhere to be found for sale.

Here's a heart-breaking moment from the book:

When the winter wind struck them, she shivered in his arms.

He broke into a run.

Max was carrying Christina in his arms as she was in a weak form (poisoned by evil husband), and thus Max was really desperate to get her to a doctor fast. In the end, she became well again, gotten rid of evil husband, and got married again. To Max of course.

Happy ending always.

"Uh, Ms. Bartholomew?"

I can never stop cracking up at this:

Andrea dear, it's Ms. Barrister.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Romance Editor's Pick at Kensington Books

Oh no, I'm not poking fun at Kensington again.

And erm, just a warning before I start:

Not for those who are taking a hiatus from reading new books.

I just clicked on the Romance Editor's Pick at Kensington's homepage and was taken to the page on this book: The Naked Earl by Sally Mackenzie.


I already fell in love with the book just after reading the description on that page. Visiting the author's website had me reading the excerpts here & here, which resulted in making this book a must-try for me.

When a naked earl climbs through the window into her bedchamber, Lady Elizabeth Runyon does the proper thing: She screams.

Robert Hamilton, Earl of Westbrooke, has no intention of being tricked into marriage by a detestable female, and if he has to flee naked across a rooftop, he will.

Sally Mackenzie has also written two more books of the Naked kind: The Naked Duke and The Naked Marquis.

How cute. I would love a Naked Knight in Shining Amour though.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sun, Sand ("," or "and") Sex?


I found something questionable on the Kensington website.

Sun, Sand, Sex is the title on the cover of this definately-a-must-buy June '07 Brava release (by Linda Lael Miller, Jennifer Apodaca, and Shelly Laurenston. Please see supporting image as of below:

must buy must buy must buy must buy

But wait! On this kensington page, the title is indicated as Sun, Sand And Sex above the ISBN. (Note that the comma after Sand is replace by an And.) Evidence as below :


Yes, I have nothing better to do at this darn moment.

Updated: I just realised that Jennifer Apodaca's name is spelt wrongly too! Shame!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

All Fired Up.

I'm hot.

I had fun reading All Fired Up by P.J. Mellor. It's funny at times, and those accidents that happened with Tricia are really outrageous. The candle fire, dumpster incident, and if it's me, I'll never have the courage to show my face ever again.

The short marriage proposal scene was kinda cute. I thought Nick is pretty brave and romantic to have done the climbing-the-ladder-to-the-her-window-to-propose thing, complete with tux, flowers and the ring. Even though Tricia's answer was a hell, no coupled with window-slamming on Nick's fingers, it makes a great prelude to make-up sex later anyway.

And even another embarrassing situation proceeded the make-up sex. How many crazy situations can you squeeze into a novella? It's entertaining for me.

My Personal Assets.

I got a new book: Emma Holly's Personal Assets. And off it goes into my TBR.

pink pink personal assets

I love the hot pink back cover. Read the excerpt here, it's very hot. It's Emma Holly by the way. Really, really, not your typical romance book.