Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home for the Holidays by Lisa Plumley.

Time is not what I have for the past month. Reading has sadly been very slow for me :(

I needed a book which I can read slowly. Simple. Fun. Cute. Not tooooo emotionally draining. I don't mind shedding a bit of tears though. But not too much.. I can't take too much.

So Christie Ridgway is out.

Then I have Lisa Plumley's Home for the Holidays.

Home for the Holidays by Lisa PlumleyReno, the main hero, the go-to guy, ♥. And Nate, the secondary character, the fudge maker, ♥.

My favorite moment with Reno and Rachel, is the part where he got Rachel over his shoulder. Every about it. Butt-pinching included.

Nate and Angela? Aww. I already liked their story alot, and the fudge moment is just so aww. I wanted to hug Nate and tell him everything is gonna be all right.

You know, I get annoyed when I was reading about Reno and Rachel, then suddenly the next chapter is about Nate and Angela. THEN I get annoyed when Nate and Angela's story is interrupted by another chapter of Reno and Rachel.

Haha. I really liked both couple's story.

And living in my kind of world, it's really nice to read about a place with all nice people. Really nice.

So glad I picked up this book.