Monday, December 31, 2007

69 Books Read in the Year 2007!

69! What a number!

I was aiming for a hundred books though. Blame work. Boo.

I like my list. It's so perfect that no one will want to steal it.

Enjoy the new year! Hello 2008!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lil Marchette is like the vampire sister that I never had.

Really cute cover


Lil: My favourite color is pink.

Me too! I like red & black too. But orange & yellow are considered my lucky colors if you want to know.

Lil: I absolutely, positively love love.

Me too! I get my dose of love mostly from romance novels. *Sighh*

Lil: I love everything about it, from that first initial glance between two strangers, to the earth-shattering moment when both realize that they are meant to be together forever.


Lil: Vampires need love too.

I live to provide alpha vampire males with love. ♥♥♥♥

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Where I get my name from..

I want to be Jeff Corbin's Fancy!

I want to be Fancy because I love Jeff Corbin.

There're many, many moments where he could have been more thoughtful of course...

But I still love Jeff Corbin dammit!

More than loving a McCloud?


Well, at least I don't have to be traumatised by psychotic killers before I have my happy ending. I just have to own a rabbit (I love animals), and dress in a star-sprangled dress (no problemo), do some magic tricks (no sweat), and be alone in a hot-air balloon screaming for my life. Anything for you Jeff baby!

Yup, definately better then facing psychotic killers.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Very First Romances - Part One

My very first romances, starting with The Innocent by Bertrice Small.

The Innocent

Hell, I love this cover.

I liked the story. Of course, minus the bad, bad characters, minus the rape, minus some really boring parts -- that leaves us with the sweet hero Ranulf, the holy heroine Eleanore aka Elf, and nice sex. At least Elf didn't sleep with anyone other than the hero who is also her husband sooo.. good enough. And I liked Ranulf so much that I bought Nicole Jordon's The Warrior just because the hero is also called Ranulf.

So there, one of the first romances that I've ever read. *Sigh.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Will you travel for love?

Have Love Will Travel

Have Love Will Travel. I think I'm really lucky to have stumbled upon really great books in the library. Lucy Sweet. Cute name. It's what caught my attention amongst other books. Plus it's pink. I dig pink. So I picked up the book, read the back cover, and never wanted to put it back on the shelf.

Some people would think it was complete lunacy to travel halfway across the country just to reunite a man with his lost diary. But when you consider Jane's alternatives, and you look at his photograph... you'd pack your bags too.

This sounds crazy and romantic at the same time.

Hello My Name is Jane

The story starts (abit boringly, I only started to enjoy it around page 20+ onwards), then blah blah blah, Jane found a diary, read it, connected with it, wishfully thinking the guy who owns the diary might be the one. So she decided to look for him.

Jane did imagine many ridiculous (and very funny. Lucy Sweet is damn funny) scenarios of her meeting Richard (the diary owner) for the first time. Thoughts like love at first sight, one-look-and-I-know-you-are-the-one that kind of thing. Ridiculous thoughts, but one can't blame Jane for being unrealistic. Hell, I think of similar things. It's kinda normal, to be romantic, and hope your love life ends (or begins) like a fairy tale. Or maybe it's just me.

Of course none of Jane's (and mine) colourful imaginations came true. But it's still a happy ending. Although I would love to read more about the guy who Jane ended up with. There's definately not enough of him. But I'm still satisfied with the ending. At least Jane got someone. A wonderful someone. Really really really wonderful (and thoughtful) in those few pages about him.

This story also makes me learn that, life ain't that bad really, we just chose to look at the horrible side of things most of the times. How pathetic we are, and why can't we have the little doggie in the window instead..


Another book by Lucy Sweet is Coming Apart at the Seams. I don't know what it is about yet, but I already want to read it with the hope Lucy Sweet writes just as funny.