Monday, June 9, 2008

I want a male Siren from the Lore.

If you a big Kresley Cole fan, you should (must!) lurk around her forum. Forums could be messy, but this post nicely links all the very interesting tibits that a fan should (must!) know.

Yesterday, I thought nothing can win demons. But today, I think I maybe wrong. Here's a quote of Ms Kresley Cole from her forum, which still got me squeeealing sliently in my mind:

"... most in the Lore would say that a Siren absolutely cannot have a male child, but there have been rumors about male Sirens who are as big as demons and as seductive as vampires. Instead of singing to enthrall, a male would only have to whisper in a woman's ear, and she'll be his forever. Sigh. I love rumors."

Big as demons. Seductive as vampires.

And they whisper in your ear, and you'd be his forever?

I swear, if male Sirens are real, I'd give up both Cade and Rydstrom for one (I'm not greedy!) of them.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Very First Demons.

There's a very big, special, loving place in my heart for vampires. So Conrad, red eyes meaning evil or not, I automatically worship him. But I started on Dark Desires After Dusk about an hour after reading Conrad's story. I have no time to gush about Conrad.

Because Cadeon Woede the Kingmaker (aka hawt hawt hawt RAGE demon i.e. non-vampire) invades that heart of mine asap. Cade's my first taste of the demon creatures in romance novels, and ooooh. What I've read I reeeally reeeally like.

♥ EVERYTHING ARE SPOILERS ♥ from now onwards. (Hmm I hardly give these warnings do I? I hate giving spoilers warnings. Disrupts my thinking mind. But I digress.)

Cade. Want!

One scene that sticks in my mind, the part when Cade gaves Holly a bottle of water, but when she opened the cap and accidentally touches the rim, she does not want to drink it anymore because it's contaminated. Poor girl. OCD. I totally relate to OCD in real life. I don't have it, but someone dear to me has it and I've read up on it. It's not funny.

When Cade asked Holly why she isn't drinking the bottle, she explains to him why, expecting him to laugh at her. Hell, I do expect Cade to laugh at her her or at least give her a weird look. Most people who don't understand OCD does that.

But I guess I don't know Cade well enough.

Instead of doing what Holly and I expected, Cade immediately got another new bottle of water and carefully uncapped it so as to not touch the rim and passes it to Holly. He even relates that "those shorter caps must be a pain in the ass". Wow. Can you just scream considerate? If I'm Holly, I'd jump him there and then. I'm jumping him in my mind already then. That's sooooo sweet. Even sweeter than taking bullets or poisoned arrows or flamming fire balls for her.

It's the little actions you know? OCD is not funny. Seriously.

And the sex? Holy Mama. The thing with Cade fully turning rage demon when claiming his female? To steal Holly's word, want! I thought it's hotter than the previous books, although I admit it's been almost six months since I've read about Lachlain. Time to re-read?

Oh my oh my. Why is it hot? It's the sports car. I've always wanted a sports car. And to do the naughty on the hood with a demon? Phwoar.

Why is it hot again? Demons are not shy. They need it four to five times a day. Phwoarr.

Tell you why it's hot again? It's the horns. Something to the female's advantage. Actually, when I first read about demons in IAD with horns, it's kinda weird to me. I can't really imagine them growing out above the ears. I do refer my paranormal characters human-like. I know demons have horns, but in stories they can do without it right? Like the Lykaes without all the fur?

But now, I'm very-very happy about the horns, I totally want my demons to come with them now. Imagine my poor heart when Cade cut them off at the end for Holly, because she needed normal and he wanted to give her what she needs. Sweet really, but WTF? To my great relief, those sexy horns grow back in two weeks. But I didn't know that.


I didn't really like the idea much that Cade is willing to risk handling Holly over to the bad guy and then get the sword he needs and then try to get Holly back. No I don't like it much. And I also don't like it when Rydstrom chosed his kingdom over knowing about his female during his meeting with Nix in Dark Needs at Night's Edge. Oh my dearest sexy Woede brothers, I do understand that the many of your people are suffering under the rule of the bad guy, and the very need to get back your kingdom. I do understand. But I'm a girl. In our hearts, we girls want to be the first before everything. In our hearts, the little evil, selfish part somewhere, we want to be the first. Before. Everything.

But I forgave Cade when he cut off his horns for Holly. (Dear Holly I hope you make him grow it back. And in the next book, I want to read about him strutting around with them.) And I forgave Rydstrom when I read about him buttoning his jeans at the end of Dark Desires After Dusk.


OMG Rydstrom. I need to retrace his tracks. *Go grabs book*

At the scene where Sabine seduces Rydstrom by grasping his two horns to hold him down to her, I was like, I want to do that! Especially since after learning that the horns are an erogneous zone for demons. To quote Holly again, WANT!

But I also realised that, the bitch Sabine must be his female. Damn. When can a reader ever get the hero all to herself?

And then we learn that Sabine is possibly a hundred (or thousand? I forgot) times more evil then her two already evil brothers, and that she wanted to be pregnant with Rydstrom's baby for evil purposes. Wow-wee.

At the ending where Cade goes to find Rydstrom, he (Rydstrom) appears at his door with no shirt and shoes and was just buttoning his jeans. Can it get anymore obvious what he could have been doing? *Imagination runs wild*

Then Cade thinks that he's changed and that his eyes looked crazed. Whoa? And this scene is followed by a woman screaming for help from Rydstrom's house. Complete with mattress squeaking and chains rattling? Bondage, Rydstrom? Sabine, lucky bitch you. Trying to turn on Rydstrom by acting helpless? Ha!

I didn't think I can be obessed with Rydstrom anymore than I currently am, but just before my lunch today, I read what Ms Kresley Cole said at her forum about Rydstrom:

"The poor demon is all crazed and enraged and seething at his female even as he can’t part from her–or keep his hands off her. Sabine had no idea she was grabbing a tiger by the tail with Rydstrom!"

This is priceless.

Want! Want! Want! Want! Want!

I'm so holding onto this description until Feb 2009, which I hope is a permanent release date. If there's a chance that the date can be earlier, then I don't want it permanent.

Rydstrom, you now officially share the big, special, loving space in my heart with Cade, some vampires whose names I can't remember at the moment, and the other wolf creatures in the Lore, the exact name I can't for my life remember how to spell.

Rydstrom. Rydstrom. Rydstrom. Buttoning up your jeans with a crazed look to meet your brother at the door, while having a helpless woman chained to your bed.

This is driving me crazy.



OMG I just remembered Rök!

He first appeared in Dark Needs at Night's Edge, with another new demon Grimslade. Oh the thing with this Grim is really cute. He is adverse to bright and beautiful things, and almost had a heart attack when Regin (the Radiant) sat beside him in the bar. Haha! Too bad Regin already has her berseker. If not, it'd be pretty funny to read about them together.

Maybe Grim will have his own story since among so many demons, his and Rök's name are mentioned. But his female can't be ugly rite? Mostly heroines are beautiful right? Maybe Grim will learn to get over his adversion, to be with his I-assume-will-be-beautiful female. Perhaps with Regin's help. Valkyries are fun people.

And Rök. He's Cade's room mate. He WAS Cade's room mate, but since now Cade is living at a new house with Holly, Rök now might be lonely. And I so do not mind being his new room mate. The advantage of being with Rök? He's a smoke demon. From what I've learned, if you have sex with them, a pact made which allows you to summon them at will.

Do smoke demons rock or not?

Do IAD demons rock or not?

To the other creatures of the Lore, sorry. Demons are my thing now. Till the next book. Oh, oops, the next book is Rydstrom. Another demon. Till the next next book then?