Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Comeback by Abby Gaines.

The Comeback by Abby GainesDamn!

I still think back to the time when I first discover the greatness of ebooks, how I found this site call Books on Board, and that one of the ebooks they offer free (FREE!) then was a novella by Abby Gaines, The Natural, starring Danny Cruise.

I still remember I read this story during a time when I was pretty down, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it! It's seriously not easy for me to like reading any thing when I'm in a sad mood (but sometimes I torture myself). Thus The Natural got stuck in my head, and I began to check out other books by Abby Gaines...

I almost read them all ya know.

Those darn out-of-print books are hard to find :(

The Comeback didn't not disappoint (will her books ever?). It contains all those trademark Abby Gaines smart conversations and funny situations, and of course, past characters. Damn I love it!

I don't know if I should consider this a favourite part, but when Zack suddenly blurts out "I love you" to Gaby at the wrong moment, it's just, well in a way I like how spontaneous it is, though still seriously bad timing. And Gaby just have to reject him (awww *tears* but serves you right Zack).

Then the ending with Gaby looking for Zack and Zack looking for Gaby makes up for everything. ☺

The number of times Sandra appears in this story so makes me want to go back and read her story again. I can never forget the six-foot-four gorilla part. ☺

Remember to read an extra ending at Abby Gaines' website!

I still love the appearance of Trent's charming silliness. ♥

And I'm pretty unhappy that eHarlequin does not have ALL the backlist. Grrrr.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Seduce A Texan by Karen Kelley.

How to Seduce A Texan by Karen KelleyI love Karen Kelley's books. I thought they're perfect if you just need to smile, have a good laugh, and get some sexy reading. ♥

Nothing too emotional to weight you down too.

It's kinda hard to stop reading this book, I love reading every moment when Nikki is roughing it at the homestead, and can't wait to know what Cal is making her do next.☺

Despite those.. unbelievable situations, Nikki is tough. Many times she made me think, hey, I should adopt this the we-can-do-it! attitude :P

But I wouldn't want to be called a barracuda. They're ugly.

Bessie 1 & 2 hahaha.

I want to hook Cal's butt too.

And that poor, poor rooster. ☺

^ It may be the reason why I will continue to look out for Karen Kelley's books. ☺

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Christofides' Keeping by Abby Green.

In Christofides' Keeping by Abby Green ♥This is what I've been waiting for, my absolute favorite kind of storyline!

Those one night of passion -> hero finds heroine after two years ->hero finds out he has a little daugther from za one night of passion -> I don't love you I only want what's best for my baby -> I love you marry me --kind. ☺

Favorite part is when Rico lets Gypsy drove off with Lola. And everything that comes after. The ending! I read Abby Green for those heart wenching and just perfect endings. Love them!

I totally liked the fact Rico admits early on that he regretted leaving Gypsy after their night of passion. But Gyspy just has to be deaf then. Huh, I could have made use of that revelation somehow..

And here're actually not much misunderstandings. I don't know if I should complain about this; I don't really like reading them.. much (some just makes me want to slap the characters) BUT they do lead to seriously long grovelling speeches which I luuvvve.

Rant aside, damn I love this book. Want more like this. Please?