Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No need to save the world here.

During the time when I was thinking up and working on a new design for this blog, I was reading Hell On Wheels by Karen Kelley. Now Karen Kelley is the author whom I go to when I'm not in the mood to read another romance novel that involves saving the world from the clutches of evil do-ers. Yes, just a plain, funny & sexy book. Gimme.

No surprise, I totally enjoyed Hell On Wheels. Favourite parts? Josh Pierce, the hero, kept talking (and thinking) about how Cody (za heroine) smells, for like a million times. I smile whenever I read those parts, and it does not feel repetitive. And the wedding! It's really hilarious. Josh and Cody are together most of the time in this book, and for this alone I can give a romance novel high marks. It's a big deal for me how much of a book do we have the hero and heroine interacting. At least 95% please? ☺

I can't wait to read How to Seduce A Texan, by Karen Kelley too. Go read the really funny excerpt.

Hell On Wheels. How to Seduce A Texan.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wolf At The Door.

PhotobucketI just finished reading Christine Warren's Wolf At The Door. Christine Warren is one of those authors whom I get to know because I see her mentioned everywhere on the blogs when her book One Bite With A Stranger was released. I got interested, and so choose to try one of her books.

Hmmm I love how the story started out. Irish Lupine Sullivan Quinn smells his mate Cassidy Poe and soon went on a chase for her. Ooooh it was soo hot. It's memorable enough for me that it stuck even till the end of the book. The sad thing for me is, after this chase comes the storyline (the our-kind-is-in-trouble-we-have-to-save-ourselves thingy), and it was quite some time (argh a lifetime for me) before I get to read about Quinn & Cassidy together again and all that mating stuff.

Actually, the highlight for me (other than the chase at the beginning) is De Santos. Rafael De Santos (*adds name to my list of favourite Hero names). He's a Felix werejaguar. Dark-haired, bronze-skinned, dangerous, elegant.. oh meow. He's the leader of this council, and wow I just love his air of authority. And he's married already! To a witch. That had me thinking, oh Christine Warren must have already written his story. No need to wait! So after a few clicks on the web, I found out that his story was released as an e-book "Fur For All", but it's no longer available according to the FAQ on Christine Warren's website:
Those stories were originally written as eBooks and are sadly no longer available, but they will be rereleased as expanded novels by St Martin’s press. All you need is a little patience.

"Sadly" is an understatement, and "patience" I do not have. Damn.

Will I continue reading this series? Yes. I wish they are all available in eBook though. A check at Fictionwise & Books on Board where I frequent, I only find Walk on the Wild Side available. That sucks! Well I still love holding books, but I'm also very pro-eBooks now for all the convenience and space-saving it gave me. And I'm digressing.

Back to: Will I continue reading this series? Yes. But saying is easier than doing. I said yes to J.R. Ward and Nalini Singh too after reading the first books in their respective Black Dagger Brotherhood and Psy-Changeling series (both in November last year), but I have yet got my hands on the second books. Too many distractions. Just look at my Google Reader.

But Rafael Da Santos, I'd read your story next, if it's available now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazon Rank.

Amazon Rank.

I woke up this morning with 200+ unread blog posts with most of them talking about Amazon Rank.

I really love the romance-reading community.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recent Reads.

Speed Dating by Nancy WarrenWhen I downloaded all 16 free Harlequin books (a 60th Anniversary thingy), it's no question that I will read Nancy Warren's Speed Dating first.

** I thought Dylan Hargreave is really slow in the head when Kendall told him that she loves him. **

Baby Bonanza by Maureen ChildThe next book is Maureen Child's Baby Bonanza, because it's summary got me interested. It involves twin babies, and oh I love reading about heroes melting when being around babies. I don't care much about the cover though. Thank you summary. Simple short read. Great for me.

A Very Special Delivery by Linda GoodnightNext up is A Very Special Delivery by Linda Goodnight. Oooh I really enjoyed that book. Especially the hero, Ethan Hunter. He fights for the relationship and gosh I lost count how many times he got turned down by the heroine, but he never gives up. I so love that in a hero. Whenever Molly (the heroine) says "no" to any of his invitations/dates/blah, whatever Ethan says in reply to the "no" always makes the awkward situation.. less awkward.

Ethan and Molly reminds me alot of the main characters in LaVyrle Spencer's Forsaking All Others, which btw, I loved, and got me digging into Ms Spencer's backlist, which is hard, as most of them are out-of-print, which means trips to many second-hand bookstores and libraries, which can get very frustrating (actually I've not been successful), but I digress.

Wait, I want to digress more. I have to add that second-hand bookstore are gems. And I also think that ALL OUT-OF-PRINT BOOKS SHOULD BE RE-RELEASED AS EBOOKS. NO STORY SHOULD BE DEAD. I don't care. I borrowed Forsaking All Others from the library, but for something I really like, I would love to buy it, let the author earn something out of it. Is anyone reading this?

Back to my reads, I love Ethan. And yea there's a baby in it.
60th Anniversary Harlequin

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Contest! By HelenKay Dimon, Alison Kent, & Jill Shalvis.

The point I love to see on contests by authors:

*International entries are accepted.

A chance is better than no chance.