Thursday, December 30, 2010

Her Secret Rival by Abby Gaines.

Her Secret Rival by Abby GainesYou know what, it's easier to mention what I didn't like much about this book: The front parts where Megan and Travis have yet met. ☺

After that?

Just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

I simply, love, reading Abby Gaines.

Some favourite parts:


Travis blewing off his dad so that he can watch basketball with Megan.

Travis being jealous of Robert.

Travis can cook.

Travis being jealous of Nick.

Megan revealing her feelings first. ☺

Every page where Travis & Megan are together.

All their conversations!

And you know what (again), I purposely chose an Abby Gaines book to end my year.

And yes, I've choosen an Abby Gaines book to start 2011 too. ☺

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mail-Order Groom by Lisa Plumley .

Mail-Order Groom by Lisa PlumleyLisa Plumley's heroes seems to have this trait-- they're totally caught off guard when the heroine's smile and their attention is fully directed at them. So cute. ☺

What I love about this book is how Adam is smitten with Savannah. It's cute how she pampers him when he's injured, and the patting down the napkin on his lap hahaha and just when they're together. I've always love reading lots of hero & heroine time. I just breezed through all the bad guys part :p

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Millionaire's Nanny Arrangement by Linda Goodnight.

The Millionaire's Nanny Arrangement by Linda Goodnight. My face is sooo wet after reading this! My tears are just drying as I boot up my PC to start on this post..

What do I love about it? How Ryan and Kelsey fell in love. Those situations when they're together, just FALLING in love. ♥

And everything about Kelsey and Ryan's daughter, Mariah too.

You know, it's really the whole book. ♥
A supersuccessful businessman, the only thing Ryan Storm can't quite get a handle on is his daughter, Mariah. All she really wants is a mom. So he hires the next best thing…. Pregnant, widowed Kelsey Mason isn't Ryan's idea of the perfect nanny, but little Mariah bonds with her straightaway.

Even Ryan starts to fall under Kelsey's spell as she tempts the workaholic to take time off to enjoy his family—a family that might grow into something even more special if Ryan can open his heart again.…

A first chapter except at Amazon. Read it! I love how all three main characters (yes Ryan's daughter is a main character) are introduced. ☺

I think it's around the part where they got some important news for Kelsey, my tears just started to flow non-stop.

And I love Kelsey's line about how a woman without chocolate is dangerous. ☺ So just leave us to eat more of it please.

How I got to know Linda Goodnight is because of her free book at ♥

Maybe all authors should have a free book available for download. I got to know and love many authors because of free books. Abby Gaines, who once had a free novella at Books on Board, is one of them. ♥

And, is it really so hard to digitize all books so that no book will ever go out of print? Travelling cost (around the country to check out used-book stores) are eating into my reserve for romance novels..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Epilogue for Melisande and Jasper!!!!11

To Sedure a Sinner is my favourite. I ♥ Melisande and Jasper!

This morning I woke up, and always the first thing I do is to check my emails on my mobile, and today has got to be one of the BEST mornings EVER.

I got a newsletter from Elizabeth Hoyt and the only thing I saw on it an epilogue for Melisande and Jasper... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMGGGGGG!!!!!

I love them I love them I love them so much they're my favourite in the Legend of Four Soldiers series. And to read more about them is just... is just... I could just cry.

Can there be more? Please?