Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Earl's Mistaken Bride by Abby Gaines.

Recently (for the past year actually) I've been very, very into historicals because I discovered Elizabeth Thornton's heroes, so when I realised that Abby Gaines is writing a historical (OMGIsThiSReal), of the-hell course I have to read it.

So here we have.. The Earl's Mistaken Bride.

The Earl's Mistaken Bride

I'm not posting the book blurb here (not that I have a habit to) because it seems to make it just like any other historical. But to those who've read Abby Gaines' stuff, it is sooooo not.

And you can guess from the title what is going on anyway.

Marcus is actually like most heroes; "don't love me, I warn you not to fall in love with me"... but when the heroines declares "you're right, I don't love you at all", the hero just goes "what-the hell? Hey! I'm lovable!" Hahaha it never gets old for me.

This book (like others by Abby Gaines) is really suitable for me when I don't want any crazy emotional stuff (like Christie Ridgway, SEP, Pamela Morsi), and those too deep with history (Elizabeth Thornton duh).

It has the right amount of heart-warmingness to make me go *sigh* romance... just not toooo emotional that I keep sobing and eating ice-cream.

And as the heading on her website says, it definately left me smiling. Still smiling. And giggling thinking about how Constance surprises Marcus (and me) with her character. And actions. BWahahaha (:

I'm just so glad I can read enjoy a historical romance without going through saving-the-world as a side quest.

And I'm just estatic that there will be FOUR MORE BOOKS in the serie!

But I somehow think the author hates her readers because the next one comes out in September. (O_O) :(


And because this is the internet, I also have to state that I'm joking about the author hating her readers part. *sigh* Internet.

*Kinda little Spoiler*

When Constance first brings up annulment, I was like Ha! Gotcha Marcus! I just knew I'm going have fun reading their conversations.

And because I'm not feeling lazy, some links to the book:

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