Monday, December 28, 2009

Llyr Galatyn!

^ King of the Fairies.

From Master of the Moon by Angela Knight.

Fairies are like, tiny and cute.

But Llyr is nothing like that.

Not when he "roared in fury" when Diana was attacked.

Not when he roared again, "The next man who touches her dies!"

That has got to be my favourite scene.

No, wait.

Possibly what makes him WIN is that, in his grandmother's words "(He'd) give up (his) crown for a handful of years with a rapidly aging mortal."

Llyr is immortal FYI.

Now scream with me.


After finishing this book, I dug out Master of the Dragons, and re-read (because I read this serie in the wrong order) those Llyr & Diana moments.

Wow really.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aristotle Levakis.

The hero in this blog title is from Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by Abby Green.

Page 98: I do need you.
^ He thought that out. And I'm like whoa!

Page 122: 'I'm going insane for you, Lucy.'

Page 134: 'Where I go, you go.'
^ You don't have to ask. (Ok he's not asking, he's just stating it, and it's SEXY!)

Page 181: '... when I found myself driving to your flat and sitting outside like a stalker...'
^ I actually do like a bit of stalker-ish characteristic in my romance heroes.

I love this book.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This week...

Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by Abby Green arrived. ♥

A package from Abby Green arrived too. It's part of her Christmas giveaway at her website. ♥☺ ♥☺ ♥☺ ♥☺ ♥

Still slowly devouring Master of the Moon (Llyr!) by Angela Knight.

Discovered a Brava anthology Undone coming soon in April 2010. Susan Johnson!

Made a fool of myself somewhere.

I think I'll read Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress on the Christmas weekend...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Master of MY Night.

I finished reading Master of the Night by Angela Knight.

OMG Reece! Reece! REEEEEECE! (Llyr!)

I mentioned before that I read this serie in the wrong order. I don't recommend doing that, because it's kinda confusing if you're trying to follow the background story.

I've never doubted that Master of the Night is going to rock my world as usual with the other Mageverse books, but what suprised me is the hotness of Llyr.

I met Llyr already in Master of the Dragons (since I didn't read the serie in order), and there he already has his happy ending. I can't remember him being that hot.

Back to Reece.

I love it when he is helping Erin control her new powers.

I love how he calms her, how his soothing presence in her mind saves her from insanity (and from the possibility of wiping out Mageverse I should add). So sweet. ♥

And I also love that Reece founded a company to take care of his decendents. What a family man. ♥

I still think back to the time when I randomly picked Hot Blooded off the bookself in a bookshop and just bought it without much consideration because I was sooo bored at the time.

Till now I'm still darn about that day.

I'm reading Master of the Moon now. (Llyr!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

OMG Iddesleigh.

Talking about The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Simon Iddesleigh. Uncle Sigh to his niece because the Nanny says all ladies sigh over him.

I love how he proposes to Lucy. It's so desperate. He's so desperate. For Lucy.

I love how he asked (begged?) lucy to swear not to leave him.

He cries!

Though I'm not a fan of kissing when one is very bloody.

I admire how Lucy ignores all these bloody business and how she loves Iddesleigh.

And this book is dark.

You know, most heroes, when they knew they're bringing danger to their loves, they would simply leave them. Pronto. Stupid I say. I hate it when heroes leave the heroine for this reason. It makes the next few pages/chapters really boring. I prefer reading about them together all the damn time.

But Iddesleigh didn't leave Lucy. He kept her. ♥♥

IloveitIloveitIloveitIloveitArghIloveit. ♥♥♥♥

Friday, December 11, 2009

Temple is lucky.

Done reading Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle.

I thought that when Temple finally accepts Diana, it's like, he had it too easy. Diana is too nice.

But then if you've been waiting for a man for like... forever, I suppose if he says yes to you, you'd just hold on to him and never, ever, effing let go.

♥ Temple & Diana ♥

Monday, December 7, 2009

Call me Goddess, and I'd wait for you.

And the above only applies to the Marquis of Templeton.

Oh, I love reading.

Am talking about Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle.

No I'm not finished with the book, but I want to rant.

I can't wrap my mind around why I like Temple so damn much. I'm not into heroes who pushes the heroine away, and that the heroine has to do all the work.

But I suppose Temple is kinda different.

I think if Diana really is getting married to someone else (before all this bride for Napolee thingy hooha), Temple will do something about it. Or find some excuse to do something about it.

Temple! What's his name?

Oh oh- the part when he was holding his father's book of poems, and it just soothes him without having to read it? That was how I feel, holding a favourite romance novel in my hands.

And afterwards when Temple was telling Diana about his parents? Sweet.

The part where we get to read about how young Diana and Temple met, made me think of Wicked by Jill Barnett. I miss Sophia and Sir Tobin de Clare.

I love reading.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I ordered, what I'm reading, and...

... some stuff.

I ordered Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress. Go order at the Book Depository because you get free shipping. Go now.

The coming weekend is booked for reading the above mentioned. I just hope it arrives in time. If not, it'd be the next next weekend.

Just saw the cover for Abby Green's March 2010 book, The Virgin's Secret. The heroine looks asian.

OH yesterday I went to a used-book shop. At the Harlequin section, I dug out all the Abby Green books (3 copies of Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded) and placed them on top of other books.

I also noticed that that used-book shop carries quite a number of really, really, really ancient (I think) Harlequin books.

Any ancient Harlequin books to recommend?


I'm currently reading Temple & Diana's story (Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle).

I'm not looking forward to reading about getting in cross-fires and being chased by the French, but the ton Elton Diana Temple is so interesting! Must-read-on.

Plus, he's crazy and I want to slap him. Many times.

I don't know if I have the Diana's patience. Wait 10 years (and maybe more) for a man? She's lucky she's living in a romance novel.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something About Emmaline.

Finished Something About Emmaline yesterday. Love that book.

Maybe **spoilers** below.

I suppose Sedgwick continues to call Emmaline, Emmaline? I had hoped he calls her Button instead. It sounds cute.

I'm so glad I had the effing mood to continue reading this book for the past two days. Argh I love it.

I want to read Templeton's next! I don't know what to make of him. He seems kinda weird.

Have I mentioned that I love reader's guide? Like this on Elizabeth Boyle's website? Questions that make readers think? It's like taking Literature exam.

You know, I wanted to punch Emmaline when she didn't encourage Miss Mabberly to say to hell with the wedding.

When Sedgwick decides to marry Emmaline for real? ☺

I love butlers. And servants. What will historical romances be like without their meddling?

Thank you Elizabeth Boyle.