Monday, February 26, 2007

Shannon Mckenna 2007 Part 2!

I should have checked out Shannon Mckenna's webby yesterday.

It's updated! She's gonna write about Nick Ward! And also about the Duncan siblings! Omg! I do know these stories are gonna come sooner or later, but seriously, how can I wait?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shannon Mckenna 2007

I so do not have the habit of checking out future releases for authors very often, because it pains me knowing that I have to wait 10 months or more to read book that I know would love.

And now I feel pain. I just found out about Shannon Mckenna's releases for 2007 from the Kensington website:

Edge Of Midnight
Author: Shannon McKenna
Pub Date : July 31, 2007
Imprint : Brava
Format : Trade Paperback

Argh! It's about Sean McCloud! How can I wait? I feel so frustrated now that I don't think I can sleep.

*takes a deep breath*

By the way, my favourite McCloud brother is Davy.

And another new book under the kensington title:

All About Men
Author: Shannon McKenna
Pub Date : July 3, 2007
Imprint : Kensington
Format : Paperback

Initially, I was excited about getting to read two books this year by Shannon Mckenna, but after I read the book description on Kensington's web, it's actually a collection of her previous three juicy novellas published under Brava.

But I'm still gonna buy it anyway. I was just hoping it could be under Brava's title. So it'd look good on my shelf with all the "B"s on the book spines.

I can't wait.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Anatomy

I googled "book anatomy" and found this website.

It's interesting, I learnt alot of things.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just Kate.

... As he peels back the layers of the betrayal, blind ambition and greed that have clouded her life, Sean finds the greatest gift of all --- just Kate.

I love this part of the blurb of Linda Lael Miller's Just Kate.

I finished the book yesterday, I love it! But absolutely nothing beats her Corbin series.

My favourite part of the book is when Sean landed his mini plane in the middle of nowhere just because he wanted to make love to Kate.

A longer description: They where going on a trip to somewhere with Sean piloting the plane, and they were getting hanky-panky but the flying is getting to long (hours) so Sean just couldn't wait any longer & thus stops the plane in the middle nowhere.

I love most of Linda Lael Miller's heros. They are soooo spontaneous!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Maybe I'd write abit about HelenKay Dimon today

It's Chinese New Year today! Lots of Ang Baos (red packets)!

I like to read my books when I have a whole day (or two) free with no family members bothering me. Well, Chinese New Year is not the time to read books, with families & relatives being all around though.

And wow, I start a blog to rant about romance books but I didn't even bother to post anything on Valentine's Day. That's really sad.


Back to title of this post:

Maybe I'd write about HelenKay Dimon today.

I was just browsing through her website, and since I didn't read any books since last tuesday, I thought maybe I'd write something about her.

I've got two of her books. One is Viva Las Bad Boys, and other one is a novella Hardhats and Silk Stocking in the anthology When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys.


And I really, really LOVE and enjoyed Player's Club in Viva Las Bad BoysI LOVE everything about this story.

"Same kiss," she said.
"Same kiss, baby."

During the part where Zach walked/stormed (I forgot) into Jenna's office, everything became instantaneously sensuous & hot, that I couldn't wait for both of them to be writhing on Jenna's desk.

Oh I got her book in my hands now! A little photo here:


I like taking photos of my books, it's weird, but then I love my books!

Oh oh and the whole seduction thing in Player's Club is just perfect. I love the idea of "if I manage to seduce you then you'd agree to this (blah blah blah)". This kind of game is always a win-win situation for any couple.

Ahhh, Zach & Jenna, Gotta love them.

HelenKay Dimon's upcoming book is based on Hawaii, a full novel titled Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy. Yea I'd expect lots of kissing & oral with that title. (And a sexy cover too by the way, with a guy kissing the back of a woman.)

The conversations in Viva Las Bad Boys are smart and witty. Enough said. (Although still NOBODY beats David Eddings' style in this area.)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Natural Selection Hungover + Really Lucky Me

I don't know if this is the right way to put it, but I think I'm having a hungover from reading Natural Selection yesterday night.

Spoiler spoiler OH I can't help thinking how great Victoria is, running like crazy for the bus to catch James. *Sigh* I wish I had a guy running for me like that. A handsome guy of course. A handsome guy that I liked.

Ahhh sad stories.

Although this book had made me really depressed, I couldn't help feeling lucky that I chanced upon this book in the library. I'm definately buying this book once I see it in a bookstore.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just finished reading Natural Selection by Bill Dare...

Oh James...

This book is so, OMG I don't know where to start. I've "spoken" about it so much in my mind before I start up my computer and now I do not have any idea how I can start this post.

Natural Selection by Bill Dare

When I started Natural Selection, my first few initial thoughts where like, hey don't worry even if it's about a stupid bloke pushing a girlfriend (who loves him) away into the arms of another guy, it's bound to have a happy ending. Yea murder/suicide/family problems/some crisis whatever, happy ending always.

As I continue reading, I start to get really depressed, especially when it was mentioned that there isn't going to end with a wedding. And with the way the narrator, James, behaved, I was feeling scared. Scared that there isn't going to be a happy ending.

Quotes at the back of the book: "Brilliantly funny", "Extremely witty" -- this book doesn't feel that way to me. Perhaps I'm seriously overwhelmed by reading about how James' mind works, that I overlooked the funny parts. Oh I remembered one funny part where Victoria actually falls. Victoria falls. Ok, this is a funny part.

Back to the story, I got even more depressed especially reading the part when Victoria is actually already going out with Stefan. I was like, oh no this book is going to destory my day.

Most stories always have a great twist at the end, things that happen that one was never lead to expect.

I was so sure that James is never going to be with Victoria at the rate the story is going! Even till the final few pages of the book! Spoiler spoiler ARGH ONE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW HOW DAMN RELIEVED I WAS when I read the part about Victoria running to catch up with a bus that James was in.

Oh wow at the amount of tears I've shed for this book, and oh wow how heavy my heart was when reading it.

I've cried at many, many books. But crying for Natural Selection is kinda the worst to date.

The First Post! Thanks to Nancy Warren!


I've finally started this place. I'm been thinking about doing this for like, a year or so. I'm those kind of people who says "I've always wanted to (do something)", but never got around to doing it.

What made me finally start this?

Nancy Warren.

Actually I'm inspired/shamed by a conversation from Nancy Warren's novella in British Bad Boys.

Edit: I thought it'd be more clear if I quote that part from the book.

"You know, I've always fancied writing a book," said Charles, one of the men.

"Then you should do it, " (Megan) said. She heard this all the time and always wondered why, if they wanted to do it, people didn't sit down and try.

That got me working.

A big thanks to Nancy Warren, although I seriously don't know how long I can keep up this blog when I spend almost all my time reading.