Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Nathaniel.

♥ Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella ♥

I love Nathaniel. Oh damn I love him. Gimmegimmegimme a man like Nathaniel.


When Samantha accused Nathaniel of not spreading "spreading his wings", he countered with "There's a nursery in Cornwall I'd die to own. Fantastic piece of land, fantastic business - but I didn't look at it. I preferred not to be six hours away from you."

WTH? Samantha, Samantha. Darn you.

I already love Nathaniel way before this part of the story, but this! This line. Aww man.

End Spoilers.

I'm so glad I finally started on a Sophie Kinsella book. If all her others stories can make me feel like how I felt now about Undomestic Goddess, I'm reading them.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

In my Mail.. from Karen Kelley!

Update: Edited broken links.

This post is long overdue. ☺


I'm Your Santa! ♥

^ That's the mass paperback of I'm Your Santa, an anthology by Lori Foster, Dianne Castell and Karen Kelley. I won this book over at a contest by Karen Kelley at the Brava Authors blog. Lucky me. There's glitter on the santa image, the hearts and the title. Didn't expect that. Here's a close-up:


The glitter makes the cover pretty, but it's still no match for the hunk on the trade paperback version:

The Trade paperback version.

Of course there're bookmarks included in the mail:

There's two of the same kind. Am I suppose to give one away? Can I don't? I wana keep all. I'm selfish like that.

The back of the bookmarks.

^ The back of the bookmarks lists the books by Karen Kelley.

And a letter:

With a description of her up-coming book My Favorite Phantom, out Dec 30, 2008. *Notes in calendar.

I'm scared. Can I sleep in your bed?

When Professor Peyton Cache bought a big, gloomy, romantic Victorian house, he should have expected a ghost. He certainly got one, the kind that likes to float his undies around and drop slime in the stairwell for fun. But the professor can't let the rest of the faculty know he's lost his mind, so he hires a ghost hunter on the down-low. But somehow, when he booked a ghost hunter, he didn't think that he was getting a live-in leggy blonde with an attitude like a Jersey gangster and a body like a pinup poster...

Kaci Melton needs to hide out for a while, and where better to disappear than a haunted house on one of her dad's ghost-hunting jobs? All she'll have to do is deal with a crabby old professor for a couple of days and kick out one measly ghost. Two problems: the professor is a tasty young guy with piercing blue eyes, six-pack abs, and a penchant for talking dirty. And the ghost scares the panties off her...actually given the professor, maybe that's not a problem. But if she can't tell him the truth - and she can't - how is she going to get him to keep up all that wonderful sex? Especially when she's starting to kinda like him...

Don't you wana read it? Go pre-order @ Amazon.

Check out her Nerak series, Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind (book one), Cosmic Sex (book two), and The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy (book three). They're freaking hilarious and hot. One other book by her I've read is Temperature's Rising. I still remember how much I enjoy the moment when the hero found out that the heroine is not a hooker after all. ☺

Oh, the best part:
Autograph. ♥

Thank you Ms Kelley! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, November 17, 2008

Finished Dark Lover. What Next?

Wrath & Beth 4evah.Just finished Dark Lover, and shucks at the end. I love reading about that kind of love.

For a big tough guy like Wrath, I'd thought he'd only break down and admit his love for Beth only at the end of the story, only after killing the bad guy. But yay I was wrong. ♥

I am totally charmed by the brothers. All of them. Z included. And Butch too. How can I not love his first meeting with Marissa? I feel like skipping Rhage's and Zsadist's book and read about Butch and Marissa asap. I thought they're cute together.


So what to read next? I do wana continue this Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but I thought it'd be kinda sad if I devour them too fast and there'd be no more of them a week later. *Shrugs.

So, randomly choosing: Lara Adrian's Kiss of Midnight? Erin McCarthy's Sucker Bet? (<- Yea why the hell have I not started on this yet) Christie Warren's One Bite with a Stranger?

Hmm, all vampires.

As much as I love vampires, I should take a break from them.

Where are the contemporaries dammit!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reading Update & Hooray Contemporaries.

I'm yours Wrath.I'm about halfway through Dark Lover now, I love how Wrath is when it comes to Beth. So far my favourite part is when after they did it the first time and a shirtless Wrath as getting ready to leave, and he tells Beth to 'Come here' and he kisses her. This is the time when I fervently wish I was Beth. ☺

The Mating Game.And I just went to Janice Maynard's website and clicked on her coming soon in July 2009 book. It's called Mating Game. The cover image is the same as the one used for the mass paperback of Erin McCarthy's Mouth to Mouth. Both are pretty covers, both are great authors. ☺ Hot Mail is out in January 2009! And Erin McCarthy's Flat-Out Sexy is out now. ♥ Three cheers for contemporaries!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two new-to-me Authors.

Reckless by Maya Banks I just finished Reckless by Maya Banks. Excerpt here. It's my first Maya Banks read. It's a sexy short story about a guy who thinks he's too old for this girl and he can't touch her because she's his friend's sister blah-blah-blah. And I do love how J.T. is so gentle with Nikki at the end. ♥

Brazen by Maya BanksThis story happens after Brazen, which I've yet read. It's about 'One woman’s campaign to win the hearts of the two men she loves.' I'm not into ménage a trois, but I admit I'm really curious after reading the book description. Blame it on the hot excerpt too.


Dark LoverAnd now I'm (finally) starting to read J.R. Ward's. Currently still reading the first few pages of Dark Lover. Hope this book works for me. I'm kinda spoilt by Kresley Cole's Immortal After Dark series. And I do need more vampires to worship and dream about.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Psy & Cowboys.

Lucas and Sascha. I've finished Slave to Sensation and though Lucas is one uber hot alpha, I'm actually more captivated by all the Psy stuff. Much more than the romance itself. I'll continue to read the series just because I'm really fascinated by them. The Psy stuff.

I reallywonder, if at the end of the whole series (oh I don't wish for it to end anytime soon), will the Psy come to their senses (if any) and actually stop the Silence project thingy? And there'd be some way (of couse there have to be a way) that they can control / prevent insanity? Madness? Blah? I admit I don't totally understand this PsyNet thingy, but hey, I'm intriguied. Very much.

E-Psy, F-Psy, wowee. When E-Psy first came up in the book.. err elephant? Honestly that's the first word that comes to my mind. ☺ Those hot panthers/leopards/jaguars/wolves and the romance that comes with it are like a bonus to this fascinating world. Big bonus. Lucas is hot! Can't wait to know the rest.

You know there're times when I want to just hold a Psy and tell him or her (prefebly a hunky him) that everything is gonna be ok and that they can cry in my arms. ☺ I'm crazed by the Psy stuff.


Hot x InfinityAnother story read over the weekend is Gabe's story in Wild Wild West. Thinking back just makes me sigh out loud. Want-want-want! I wana live at this place. Watch him swing pitchforks and lift bays of hay. Argh! Time to think of a provocative poem to read to a cowboy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

EBooks, the cheap and some free ones.

The four new Harlequin Historical Undone titles are only USD$0.89 each. They're sexy short historicals, and at that price it's really cheap. Plus after doing research on them, and they don't have any horrible reviews yet, so I think they're really worth checking out. USD$0.89 only! I just checked the price at the website, it's still valid. When's the last time I read a historical? If all the shorts at USD$0.89 all the time, I did devour many really fast.


I also discovered an eBook publisher, Linden Bay Romance. I've signed up and downloaded three free reads by Cat Johnson: Friends with Benefits, Under the Covers, & Black Cat.

Me love free stuff. Can't wait to try them out.


I've also downloaded The Natural by Abby Gaines from Books on Board. Currently at $0.00 too.


Also, I found Janice Maynard's (I love Suite Fantasy) The Perfect Ten the cheapest at at $11.48, but of course, only in ereader format. At Books on Board it's $14.00 (boo I always thought it has the cheapest ebooks) with only Mobipocket format, and at Fictionwise it's $12.60 after a 10% rebate, also only Mobipocket format.

Sooo it's always good to research before buying. Research on price & the book itself. Because you can't return ebooks.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finished one book and got two new books.

Gawain! ♥You know, there's this part in the story where I got so shocked and angry and !@#$%^ with what the bad (understatement) guy had done, I had so wished Gawain and Lark would have just gutted him there and then. There's still about a third of the book left, but really I thought, to heck with the romance I don't care if I don't have a happy ending because I just want justice done asap! Thinking back makes me wana cry.

But of course I did manage to get over it *sniff* and get on with the story. Gawain. ♥ Kel. ♥ Lark. ♥ Gawain. Gosh it's like a threesome. But it's not. ☺

One thing worth mentioning is during one of their celebration there's this blade dance with the knights of the table going topless and taking turns showing off their bods sword skills. How I wish I can see all these with my own eyes instead of reading it.

Master of SwordsAnd so, Master of Swords is now my favourite Angela Knight book. And the only other books I've read in the same series are Master of Dragons, Master of Wolves, and the novella in Hot Blooded. As I'm so not reading the stories in order, I admit I have a messed up idea of the timeline. But it didn't lessen my enjoyment of the books. I love the Mageverse. ☺

Master of the NightOf course after Master of Swords, I have no more Angela Knight in my TBR, so thus a trip out to a little bookstore ensues. And lucky, lucky me there's Master of Night available and so I grabbed it and ran for the cashier.


Wild Wild West by Charlene TegliaI just need to add that I also found Wild Wild West by Charlene Teglia in the bookstore. Whee! This book doesn't seem to be available in eformat, so I've been looking for it for the longest time. I've read Satisfaction Guaranteed, which is so darn hot, I just can't wait to try another of Charlene Teglia's.

Back of Wild Wild WestAnd I do love the hot pink cover. But the spine and the back is a totally different thing altogether..


Lucas & Sascha.I'm now reading Nalini Singh's Slave to Sensation. Still somewhere at the start. OMG I pity Sascha so much. But then again maybe not soo much. She's gonna get the guy in the end anyway.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Some things to say..

I haven't really read alot in October, and I blame it on my month-old mobile phone. I spend too much time fidgeting with it. But great news, I realised that I prefer reading the eBooks on it in landscape orientation!

Landscape orientation is good for my eyes.

^ What's on screen isn't clear, but it's part of the eBook The Bodyguard: Nash, by Michelle Hasker. I've enjoyed reading her books, and most of them can be finished in about an hour or 2. Sexy quick reads. ☺ I need more of those. Some of Michelle Hasker's eBooks can be found in multiformat at Fictionwise. She also has many free short reads on her website.


Baddest Bad Boys by Shannon Mckenna, E.C. Sheedy, & Cate Noble I finally got around to read Baddest Bad Boys. I think most of E.C. Sheedy's stories stars an older woman and a younger man right? I do like the hot spring scene in it. Love sees no (age) boundaries. ♥

As for Cate Noble's story, I had wished for more, as the ending is kinda abrupt for me. But the sex is hawwt. Rrwoar baybeh.

Ultimate WeaponI've read Shannon Mckenna's novella earlier a few months ago ever since I got my hands on the book. Never delay myself a Shannon Mckenna hero. ♥

Ultimate Weapon (wow it's McCloud book No. 6 already) is out now. Yay Tamara! Com'on dear local bookstores stock them fast stock them fast stock them fast.


Wild in the Country by Portia Da Costa This book is not for me. I'm not into MMF, MFF, FMMFMFMF, or any combination that's not plain MF. That's what happens when I didn't research eh? I also blame it on eBook coupons having expiry dates. But but but, the revelation at the end, I find it sweet. Really. So it kinda makes mades the whole book alright for me. Somehow I'm glad I got to the end, even though it's mostly skimming..


Master of Swords by Angela Knight! I have this wonderful book right next to me now and I'm already half-way through reading it. Angela Knight's Master of Swords. Gawain! ♥

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Add 2 to my TBR.

♥ How to Knit a Wild Bikini by Christie Ridgway, & ♥ Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

I walked into a small bookshop today not really expecting to buy anything (yeaaa) but then I found two gems that I could NOT find at those bigger major bookstores:

How to Knit a Wild Bikini by Christie Ridgway. Excerpt here.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh (new to me author)

And so I have to buy them. Hooray!