Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rant rant rant.. Oh Carrow.

Master of Shadows by Angela KnightI'm halfway through Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole, and one thing I can't stop worrying is when (if?) Carrow betrays Malkom and seeing how sensitive Malkom is to betrayals... *sigh.

Though happily ever after if guaranteed, I still won't like reading what I guess might happen. Hopefully it won't.

This reminded me of when Cade (Dark Desires After Dusk) handled over Holly to the bad guy. I know things are gonna turn out ok but can't he say to hell to whatever he has to do and then solve things rather then hand Holly over THEN solve things?

Ya know what I mean?

Now Carrow is somewhat like in Cade's shoes.

And I still haven't forgiven Cade though.

Gawd I have a long memory. Guys. Better not piss me off!


On another note, the sexiness I expected from Kresley Cole books did not disappoint one bit. I want Malkom to feed me too! :(

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