Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trish & Cole.

The couple above are not from a romance novel but from a video game inFamous which I'm currently addicted to.

I love the game so damn much, but as a girl, a romance novel reader, and that fact that this is a romance blog, I'm will only rant about the romantic parts (as much as I can squeeze any out) of the game (an effing great game btw). ☺

* BIG spoilers * ahead if you didn't play the game.

Playing inFamous, knowing that the main character Cole has a woman in his life makes me happy.

But you see, in a typical video game / comic book / movie world, there's always a big chance that the hero has to choose between sacrifice (rescuing civilians) or being selfish (rescuing their lady love). And hell, it happened (no surprise) when I was playing inFamous. But no matter what, Trish (Cole's girlfriend!) dies (omfgsrsly?), and I HATE IT!

That's probably why I absolutely love reading romances novel. HEA guaranteed.

And the game does kinda got slightly (maybe a teeny bity) less interesting for me once Trish dies.


I need my romance novel.

There's a mission titled "Anything For Trish". Sounds romantic isn't it. I did not expect any kissing at the end of this little mission (nor do I expect any throughout the game) but hey! No hug? That's just Bad. That was a near death experience and there's not even a hug (oh com'on) after surviving it. Fail really.

And after Trish died (*sniff), there's a part when after a mission, a new day starts, and Cole starts the day waking up beside Trish's grave. Awww, he spent the night on the ground next to her grave. Awww (*sniff).

Love you Cole! Love your voice too!

Did I mention that it's an effing great game?

And omg what an ending *Spoiler warning again!*:

Love the wedding photo. ☺

Give me inFamous 2 now. Please.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bride's Baby.

Just read Liz Fielding's The Bride's Baby, love the ending, cried when McFarlane (hey I like his last name more) tells Sylvie about his past, cried when he left, cried when he discover he's the father of the baby, and oh I do love it when he roars (only once but oh yeah). Heheh I love roaring men.

The Bride's Baby is available free for download at eHarlequin here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love knights.

I totally can't remember the last time I read a medieval romance. I just remember the best ever medieval romance I've ever read (huh, not that I've read alot) is Jill Barnett's Wicked. And Wild. And Wonderful.

'A Knight's Vow' AnthologyAnyway, just popped out here to say that I just read a novella 'The Seige' by Glynnis Campbell, from the anthology A Knight's Vow, and I love it. Too short for me though, but I enjoyed it from page one.

In brief, it's about a knight digging his way underground to a castle keep to claim his wife, while this to-be wife is trying to escape from that marriage via a tunnel, and they met halfway due to some ceiling falling down on them and so on and so forth. Oh I just love those moments when Ryance and Hilaire are trapped, I thought there's just so much feelings shown, so wow. I love just knights you know. Though this one didn't exactly joust or what. But I've got a hit!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


With Spoilers!

When Kiss of a Demon King arrived in my mail box the past friday, I cannot contain my joooy.

Actually I had a problem with this purchase, but I try not to blog about it, UNLESS IT'S NOT RESOLVED.

Anyway and duh, I dug into the book immediately of course.

But before I crap about my read, let us enjoy the beautiful lettering on the cover:

Kiss of a Demon King cover.

Gorgeous isn't it! You can never tell by the flat cover image floating around the web. Just have to get the real thing in this case. Lets take another book shall we?

Kiss of a Demon King cover. Again.

Really love the lettering! Beautiful! Like Rydstrom's eyes. I was so waiting for it to turn into obsidian black, but no matter how I turn it to reflect the light, I never get it. Design fail. Hurmph.

Cutest part in the book (I dig cute so this is mentioned first), is when Rydstrom tells us about kid Cadeon. When little Cadeon's horns are molting (does it mean shedding or something?), it itches, and thus he kept running them against the walls, causing three-foot-high gouges along halls. And Rydstrom (and his older brother who was around then) did not want the walls repaired. All together now, awwwwwww. ☺

Funniest part? Nïx. Duh. The scene with her witch friends are reeally funny. A couple of drunk witches trying to high-five each other but missed. AHAHAHHAH. Oh and when three male Inferi are bathing Rydstrom. GAHAHA I love Sabine already.

What else I love about Sabine? For making Rydstrom who he is. For making him roarr. When Sabine needed to to get to her sister Lanthe asap, and tricked Rydstrom with her illusion? Omg how he roars her name when he discovered she's missing. And then him giving up Sabine is just plain. Heart. Breaking. But it only lasts all of ten minutes.

And when Sabine was practially dying? OMG. OMFG. Rydstrom roaring again, shaking the room and perhaps the entire house. Be still my heart.

I really wanted a demon. Ever since reading about Cadeon.

Ah the horny (heh) stuff. I can't remember reading about Cadeon wanting to rub his horns all over Holly (gotta read Dark Desires After Dusk again), but I certain do LOVE the idea of Rydstrom wanting to rub his horns all over Sabine. Or me.

And Rydstrom, you can spank me ANYTIME.

And tie me up too. As long as you don't make a trek through some forest with big scary monsters lurking around.

One big disappointment. No new male demons introduced! Puck not counted. He's a kid. Though kinda cute. I want another seven-feet tall one. Please?

And where's Rök anyway? Is he really settling down? I want to read that! In DETAILS.

Gosh, with the next story being Murdoch's (Vampire) and Daniela (Valkyrie), I somehow doubt we'd see some demon action in there (but I hope to hear about Sebastian again yay!). So really, how long till I get to see any demon action? I want some Rök (or Grimslade. Of course I remember my demons). More please. The Kresley Cole kind.

Thank you.

P.S: Hey I asked nicely.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Apologies by Tracy Wolff.

No Apologies by Tracy Wolff
  • I just finished reading Tracy Wolff's No Apologies.
  • Love the cover, it's what attracted me in the first place.
  • Love the story, it's hot, with I-love-yous.
  • Gabe is hot! Love the restaurant scene. And the restroom scene too.
  • It's a Spice Briefs, which means I can finish it in less than an hour.
  • Excerpt. Buy here. Or here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mageverse goodness.

I bought Angela Knight's Master of the Moon yesterday, so now my Mageverge collection looks like this:

My Mageverse.

I only lack Galahad's story. *sob* It's from the anthology Bite.

This is the order of the series:
1. Hot Blooded
2. Master of the Night
3. Master of the Moon
4. Master of Wolves
5. Over the Moon
6. Master of Swords
7. Master of Dragons

But I read it in this order:
1. Hot Blooded
7. Master of Dragons
5. Over the Moon
4. Master of Wolves
6. Master of Swords

2. Master of the Night
3. Master of the Moon

Totally messed up. Forward, backward, backward, forward.

Anyway, Angela Knight stated on her blog here that she's working on the next Mageverge novel, Master of Fire. So, yippee! *Throws confetti*