Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vampire's Ball.

Finished Angela Knight's Vampire's Ball this morning. It's from the anthology Hot for the Holidays.

It's too short. Too darn short.

Toooo short.

The hotness of Ridge makes up for it, a little.

Still, arrrggh.

I'm glad to see Lancelot and Grace though.

But I want to learn more about Ridge. Darn novellas.

Just hope that in future books we'll get to see more of Ridge and Kat.

Though short, it's still very steamy. ☺

Have I mentioned that I wanted more?

Can't wait for Master of Fire.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hubba Hubba.

Mike is such a sweet man.

The Mike from Lisa Plumley's Making Over Mike.

I love it that, the reason he does this make over thingy, is Amanda.

And continues to endure it, all for Amanda.

Even when he's heartbroken (misunderstandings... meh), he still does not walk out on her.


When we first meet Mike, we know that he lost his job, is temprary a taxi driver, still going for interviews, and is a slob. Wow. Not a Harlequin Billionaire/CEO/Tycoon/Prince.

Dunno 'bout u, but I was actually excited about the fact that he's not successful (yet).

My first impression is, what a normal guy. I would like to read about a normal guy.

So, I like Mike. Instantly.

Love how he feels about Amanda, how he looks at Amanda.

And love it when he's with Amanda. Can't get much of it.

It's really cute. Cutecutecute.

^ The way they seem to be fishing for evidence that they approve of what each other did, how they look. Evidence that maybe that the other might just love him/her.


Honorable mentions to ALL the supporting characters. And the dogs.

This book made my day.

Friday, January 15, 2010



Kev McCloud.


First, no words can describe my extreme joy at finding out that Shannon Mckenna's website is updated with Kev's story.

No I didn't read the excerpt.

I will not read it.

May 2010? I can wait.

Because in the meantime, I'd have Abby Green's The Virgin's Secret, out in March. ☺

By the way, I hate keeping track of release dates. Headaches, you know.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Galahad & Caroline.

Just finished reading Galahad's story, simply titled Galahad, by Angela Knight (from the anthology Bite).

It is too short.

Too darn short.

Not enough Galahad.

I wish there were more pages, more instances where Galahad and Caroline show their feelings for each other.

Overall it's just too short.

The greatness is overflowing.

But mostly it's (hot) love-making, so I'm not complaining.

The pool scene? ♥ HAWT ♥

And what goat incident with Morgana? Did I miss anything?

I like Soren's appearance.

^ He makes Galahad jealous. And I loove a jealous man. ♥

So, after eight Mageverse stories, being a Maja seems really cool. But reading Caroline's point of view, her life seems to suck (at the begining I mean). No one tell her she needs to donate her blood? Everyone just left her at risk of bursting an artery? WTF. Okay, maybe everyone forsees that Galahad is going help her on that, but I still agree with you Galahad, somebody needs to be spanked. I feel angry for Caroline. For her newbie life of a witch, at a lost on how to tell her mortal family, and how she comes into it. I hope someone go bash Dominic. Deform his pretty face (aren't they all) permanently or something.

^ Rant end. She gets Galahad. ☺

Love the reference to the telephone pole.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Duncan Burke.

^ From Shannon Mckenna's Tasting Fear.

He's probably my favourite man in this book.

Because he lets Nell use him like a 'personal life-sized sex toy'.