Monday, July 18, 2011

Which romance hero does not go commando when wearing a kilt?

Highland Fire by Elizabeth ThorntonWhen Scotland is mentioned, I always think about kilts and whether men wear anything under them. But if we're talking about hot, sexy heroes of romance novels, I expect them to wear nothing.

And so I *heart* Lord Iain Randal, because he does what I expect.

Randal maybe born & bred English, but how can there not be no mention about him wearing a kilt?
Caitlin's eyes, along with the eyes of every lady present, were trained on the swing of his lordship's kilt. The breeze ruffled the hem a fraction, and a collective sigh went up. (...) The next blast of cold air did more than ruffle the hem of his lordship's kilt.
I just giggle everytime I read and re-read that part.

And yes I love Highland Fire, the romance and the little mystery thrown in it too.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scarlet Angel by Elizabeth Thornton.

Scarlet Angel by Elizabeth ThorntonThis book, the intro especially, is heavy on the history/war things. I don't recommend it for romance readers looking for a first taste of Elizabeth Thornton's romance. It definately does not start off light.

But when it's focusing on Cam and Gabrielle... ohh I love it.

The reason?

One of it:
"I've only ever loved one woman in my whole life, and that's you. Gabrielle, I love you."
And so much more.

I just love the fact that Cam and Gabrielle admit their love to each other VERY early on. In most romance novels, the I-love-yous came at the end, but in Elizabeth Thornton's books, you can expect it early. From the MAN.

It's really lovely reading those emotional I-love-yous, my favourite parts in Elizabeth Thornton's stories.

(ending spoilers ahead.)
The end is just wows me how much Gabrielle and Cam loved each other. Gabrielle not hating Cam at all upon learning how his ploting of revenge on her grandfather had caused her hurt during her childhood years. Yet she still apologies for her actions as innocent child. I didn't expect these. Thought she'd be freaked and will fight Cam again or something. But hey, she matured, realised how hurt Cam is and how much she love him. I just love how it all comes together. And Cam? Just gave up years of wanting revenge just for Gabrielle's happiness.

This is just why I love reading romances.