Saturday, August 28, 2010

HOT by Julia Harper.

HOT by Julia Harper ♥I love it!

I love it!

I love it!

I love all those phone calls!

No, I've not read anything like it.

As much as I want Turner & John to meet face to face soon, a part of me still hopes that they continue to communicate by cell phone only. I really love all those parts. While reading, I had wondered if the whole book is only going be like that for them, and that they only meet each other face to face at the very end. Which would suck actually. But nah, it didn't happen like I wondered.

I still love how they eventually meet though. Dumb luck. ☺

And points for John for the handcuff idea.

I love Squeaky's presence too.

Have to admit, having a bad memory, I was trying to figure out if Dante Torelli is the hero of For the Love of Pete (which I read back in October last year according to my reading record). And yup, he's him alright. Feel like reading that book again. ☺

If I had to pick which one (between For the Love of Pete & Hot) I like more, it probably will be Hot. It's the phone calls. ♥ Can't resist them!

And the book is hot too. And not just because of the title and weather in the story. ☺

For those who didn't know, Julia Harper is Elizabeth Hoyt too.

And I have all her books.

Can't wait for Notorius Pleasures. ♥♥

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kev McCloud.

Shannon Mckenna - Fade to MidnightI just love how Kev makes Edie his only thought. How he only focuses her. And despite his scarred life so far, he still wants to do it the normal way; to court her, date her, marry her, and have babies.

So want.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth HoytThere're times when I read a great book, I really wish I'm eloquent. So that I can also put down in words how much I love it.

I just so enjoyed every moment of Lord Caire & Temperance together.

Just love the whole thing.

My first favorite scene: When Lord Caire first broke into Temperance's foundling home. ♥

And the first lines of the story (page 2) that just reminds me why I love Elizabeth Hoyt's writing:

"It's ghostlike if he's the dead spirit of a harlequin player come back to haunt the living."

"For bad reviews?"

Bahahha. Read the first chapter here.

Can't wait for the next. How many exactly are there in this serie?