Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Ice Princess.

The Ice Princess by Elizabeth Hoyt This is a free novella by Elizabeth Hoyt.

You know, my tears flowed big time when the Ice Princess asked for the heart of a good man.


Then that good soldier kissed her and she's freed, and my tears just continued flowing.

And they lived happily ever after? Not yet, just one more thing.

The princess just had to think that the good soldier will leave her then, and she'd be truly alone. (Since her now thawed companions left too...)

Thinking about being alone in a romance novel is so sad. :(

But of course he corrected her, and THEN they lived happily ever after.

*End spoilers...

What a nice fairy tale with a little climax there. ♥

As for the actual hero and heroine of this novella?

All the damn time while reading it, I was thinking that this should so not be a novella.

Coral and Issac deserved more pages. This should a whole novel!

And perhaps Anna and Edward could make an appearance.

I'm just kinda pissed as I didn't get enough of Coral and Issac, because I've so enjoyed the other three full length books in the Princes Trilogy.


Okayy, that reunion kiss at end kinda makes up for everything. And the kiss on the Challenger.

But still it could be longer. Like, not be a novella.

And like, have more reunion kisses. :P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sandra Jacobs & Gideon Taney.

Fully Engaged by Abby Gaines Just finished reading Fully Engaged by Abby Gaines.

I love it!

Those moments when Gideon was thinking of kissing Sandra, or grabbing her and wanting to kiss her, is just too cute.

I love it that they didn't deny their attraction to each other.

Gideon and Sandra work together, and I was expecting the no-you're-my-boss-this-has-to-stop thing, but I'm soo glad there're none.

They acted on the attraction early in the story, and it's just so cute sometimes.

Six-foot-four gorilla... Krispy Kreme...

Damn I love it when they're together.

I just LOVE how Sandra thinks. About donating Will's carcass to the Zoo; about Gideon being locked up and used to re-populate Earth, blah-blah.

And the ending is just wow. Gideon's willingness to take care of Sandra is soo I-WANT.

Plus, there's even more to read about after the ending at Abby Gaines' website here.

Love it. ♥

And yea there's Danny Cruise! ☺

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy for now. Very happy for now.

LayoverI've been really liking those short one hour or so stories.

Layover by Megan Hart works for me.

I love the build up.

It's just boomz (heh) for me when they reach the bedroom.

I'm really glad I got to read Graham's third person!

I like how that guy thinks.

Well, even if this story is just plainly from the heroine's view, it wouldn't lessen my enjoyment of it.

It would just make Graham more mysterious.

This Is What I WantLike Lane DeMarco from This Is What I Want, which I read some time ago. (Love it too!)

I just love Lane's little hints that he's the mystery online admirer of Eve's.

Man, the ending is just satisfying.

I still love my 'happily-ever-after's more, but 'happy-for-now' works nicely too.

Only if it's by certain authors.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chad Matheson.

Chad's from Checkered Past by Abby Gaines.

First: Three cheers for him for being too "busy" to file divorce papers.

Second: Brianna, you rock.

Because you wanted to give the sponsorship to Zack, just because you love Chad. And even emotionally blackmailed your father into agreeing.

I'm just annoyed that Chad didn't know about this part.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trent Matheson.

^ The hero of Back on Track by Abby Gaines.

Damn I love her NASCAR books. I always tell myself, "I want to read Abby Gaines next I want to read Abby Gaines next", but somehow, ten months or so have past.

And just by reading the first few lines of Back on Track, I got, back on track (heh).

The FIRST PAGE is always so darn important.

Read the beginning of chapter one here. Just tell me you don't want to continue reading.


I love how Trent stood up for Kelly when she's being bullied by her own family.

I love how Kelly protected (haha!) Trent (the best man) from the maid of honor.

I love it when they played chess together.

I never thought it's hazardous to wear earrings while playing chess. (Ouch.)

And I especially love it when Trent is acting like a jealous kid when his brother (Chad) gave Kelly a friendly hug.

That is sooo cute.

*End spoilers!*

Tears were shed during the reading of this story.

P.S: Trent's brothers have their own books too. Chad's story is in Checkered Past, and Zack's story just came out the past Feb, The Comeback.

P.P.S: There's a free Abby Gaines Super Romance for download here.

Friday, April 2, 2010


You know what, this could actually be my favourite line from Pleasure of a Dark Prince (by Kresley Cole):

"He is my life now." from page 406 of the trade paperback.