Saturday, July 31, 2010

Breaking the Sheikh's Rules by Abby Green.

Summer Sheikhs by Alexandra Sellers, Abby Green, & Marguerite KayeHave I mentioned before that I love Abby Green's endings?

The part where the hero gave his grovelling speech. It's not just a simple, I'm sorry, I love you, marry me. It just goes on and on and on, and seriously, impressed me all the time.

Favorite part other than the ending? When Iseult wants to leave Nadim. And when Nadim says, "You won't even stay for Devil's Kiss?" Gawd, it's no imagination Iseult, this line reeks so much of desperation. Love it. ♥

My complain? Too short. Including the grovelling speech. Not enough misunderstandings (wait, I'm complaining about this?). I just feel that more misunderstandings would lead to a longer grovelling speech...

And I can't wait for Jamilah & Salman's book. ♥