Sunday, January 30, 2011


Mark of the Demon (Rhyzkahl!) by Diana Rowland*Pls don't mind the nonexistent editing.*

I just finished page 140 (end of Chapter 9) and wow.

I want Rhyzkahl.

I want him so much that I actually a read non-romance labelled murder mystery novel. (It's labelled as fantasy on this library book in my hand.)

NOT that I don't like the non-romance novels, I just have no mood for it. With my awful hectic lifestyle, I just want to read romance... happily ever after and all that.

*Sigh* I know, I know, this is not a romance novel.

And I don't like love triangles that's why I stay away from stories with more than one man in the heroine's love life.

But what I've googled about Rhyzkahl makes him soooo appealing that I couldn't resist bringing up my library catalog search in firefox and typing in 'Diana Rowland'. Viola. Her first two books are available at this library, the second closest to my home. I did this search at work, and so went straight to the library to borrow them after work. So I got 'Mark of the Demon' and 'Blood of the Demon'. And that night was the start of my ravishment of Rhyzkahl. ♥♥

Well, just that morning I found out about Rhyzkahl. In my google reader on my mobile, on the train ride to work. A BIG thank you to whoever blogged about him recently! Sorry I can't rember you because I was just scrolling l through my romance blogs feed. You guys seems to be part of one big happy romance blog. ☺

Anyway, how does one resist a demon LORD summoned just for sex? Okay, there's something more than sex I think, but I looove that 'summoned just for just sex' idea. (Don't you?)

Is there a romance novel with this premise?

If I remember correctly I've read something about Kresley Cole's smoke demon being summoned by a woman when reading Cadeon's (love the full name) story. Ah Cadeon my man! My first demon book ♥.

Now Rhyzkahl baby is just a romance reader's (well, at least mine) dream come through. Fine, I've only read three scenes about him, but I've cheated and browsed through this book and the second book for more of him. I can't resist!

And I loved what I've scanned through so far ♥♥♥.

I am SO in love.

I can't wait to get more of Rhyzkahl! Though I'd probably breeze through the murder mystery part (again, not that I don't like it, I just have no mood for it).

I want a Rhyzkahl in a pure romance novel please.

I don't know about Ryan, he only just appeared in what I've read so far. He is interesting though. Well he has to be right? Since he's supposed to be one of the main character.

Argh, I just don't like love triangles.

Because someone is gonna get hurt :(

I wish there was no Ryan, and this is a romance novel.

Well, Ryan can appear, and then star in another romance novel after Kara and Rhyzkahl got their HEA. Like how Jeff Corbin got his book with his own HEA but I digress.

The only thing that can make this right is that Ryan is Rhyzkahl in disguise so yeah HEA for Kara!

But not gonna happen.

Still, I've already made up my mind to continue reading about Rhyzkahl. It's still good writing ya know.

Rhyzkahl. Rhyzkahl. Rhyzkahl.

But if Ryan catches my heart too, great! But I only want Rhyzkahl for now.

And the covers are gorgeous.
Mark of the Demon (Rhyzkahl!) by Diana RowlandBlood of the Demon (Rhyzkahl! Rhyzkahl!) by Diana RowlandSecrets of the Demon (Rhyzkahl! Rhyzkahl! Rhyzkahl!) by Diana Rowland

Monday, January 17, 2011

Her Surprise Hero by Abby Gaines.

Her Surprise Hero by Abby Gaines The most boring part of the book:
Chapter One. Only Cynthia and no Ethan.

When did the excitement pick up for me:
Chapter Two. When Ethan appeared. Wait, it's more like that the end of Chapter One, when we first hear (read, whatever) Ethan speak.

I'm not saying Cynthia is boring, it's just that what I read this book (and other romances for) is the hero and heroine. Together.

If the books starts out with Ethan only, it'd be boring for me too.

With that said, I love how they met.☺

I just love every moment they're together. All those scenes, conversations, I'm sooo glad Abby Gaines writes normal stories (I meant no saving-the-world, escaping-from-psychopaths thingies). Hmm I prefer her NASCARS though. But anything she writes, I read. All thanks to a free eBook once upon a time at Books On Board.

Favourite part:
When Ethan and Cynthia are both in the closet at the end. ♥

Cynthia's judging of competitions.

When Ethan got Cynthia the job of judging competitions at the fair (to enable her to met people blah blah blah), I was like, I thought I read something like this before... Sabrina! Haha pumpkins!

Oh the memories...

A page was bookmarked for this sentence:
"The silence in the courtroom was complete, he could have heard an onion growing."

So that I can re-read it laugh.

But you have to read the book for it to be even funnier.


I only have One in a Million and The Memory of a Kiss left of Abby Gaines goodies. I think they could last me only till Feb.


Write more quickly please?