Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm so sad!

I love the two books in Erin McCarthy's New York Girlfriends series: The Pregnancy Test and You Don't Know Jack. Love them.
Where's Allison's & Caroline's?
And I've been looking forward for like.. FOREVER, to read about the other two roommates in this serie. Now, almost two years later, even after reading other Erin McCarthy's fabulous works (High Stakes, Bit the Jackpot, I just have to name them), I'm still eagering waiting.

But then I just noticed this little note at Erin McCarthy's website here (how long has it been there?), and to quote everything:

A note from Erin:

Thanks so much for all the interest in reading stories for Allison and Caroline, the two other roommates in The Pregnancy Test and You Don't Know Jack. While I originally intended to write books for them, a change in publishers has made this impossible at the moment. Hopefully some day soon I'll be able to write a 'Happily Ever After' for Allison and Caroline!


I can wait. But please don't say never.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hot x 4.

No, I cannot resist four brothers in a book. Multiply hotness by four, and that's Animal Lust by Lacy Danes. I wasn't interested in this book at first because I just don't feel like reading any historicals at the moment. But then, there're four brothers, so how can I say no to four brothers?

Fun x 4

Yummy x 4.

Favourite brother? I don't know. Maybe Orin. I've do have a thing for eldest brothers. Davy McCould rocks. *Sigh.

One thing that gets to me though, is that one of the brothers' name is called Mac. What's wrong with Mac? Well, I had nothing against the name at first, not until it was revealed that Mac's full name is Macedon. I repeat, Macedon. M-A-C-E-D-O-N. Macedon. I thought Macedon sounded really sexy. But it's only mentioned once in the whole book. Therefore, I'll make up for the lack of it here: MacedonMacedonMacedonMacedonMacedonMacedon.

Sir Macedon Ursus. ♥

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More Reason to Buy a Book.

I read the newspaper everyday. ☺

So, in today's Life! section of The Straits Times, there's this quote from a taiwanese lyricist, Vincent Fang, in the 'biteintoit' column:

'Buying a book is an investment with the highest return rate. Spend a little money and you get other people's painstaking work'

Wow. The more we should buy books. In my case, more romance books. ♥

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pretty Mass Market Covers.

I've read them all,
When they're in Brava trade.

They all rock,
Their covers are hot,
So they get to decorate my blog. ♥

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy by Helenkay Dimon ♥ Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy
by Helenkay Dimon.

The title links to the trade paperback version because this mass version will be out only March '09. Happy waiting.

The next book in this series, 'It's Hotter in Hawaii' is coming out April '09. I can't wait to read this because there's Josh in it! ♥ Josh's own story will be out later next year as stated at Helenkay's blog here. Happy waiting for this too..

Temperature's Rising by Karen Kelley ♥Temperature's Rising
by Karen Kelley

Sometimes I wonder, are they trying to make those who already own the trade version buy the same book again in mass version? Well, maybe those rich, rabid fans may. I'm rabid, but sadly not rich.

Anyway, I've just finished Karen Kelley's Nerak series (here, here & here). They're damn funny & sexy and I so need more of these kind of books.

Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis ♥Get A Clue
by Jill Shalvis

I love covers with a couple embracing (or necking). It's sooo hot. ♥ Tasteful hot. Though I wish the picture on this cover is in it's original colours instead the shade of blue. Like the other three covers I posted.

I also visit Jill Shalvis' Blog for a good laugh every week too. ☺

Mouth to Mouth Erin McCarthy ♥Mouth to Mouth
by Erin McCarthy

I think I miss her comtemporary romance novels. Very much.

Wow, it really seems to be a loong time ago when I read You Don't Know Jack (and loved it).

Hmm. *Goes to put My Immortal at the top my TBR. I do hope she writes more funny vampire romance though.

After seeing that most mass market versions getting hotter covers, no, I still won't wait for them. I'm a big fan of Brava trade paper backs, and I'm not a big fan of waiting. For two years. Give me big fonts any time!